Difference between separation and divorce in the legal sphere


When a marital relationship faces insurmountable difficulties that may end in the rupture of the bond both affectively and legally, it is crucial to understand the difference between separation and divorce. difference between separation and divorce. In this article, we will explore these differences and how to proceed in each case.


What is separation?

Separation is an action in which a couple decides to live separately, without taking legal action. During separation, each person may choose to live in a different place, establish financial and custody agreements, among others. All this without legal intervention. It is a pertinent choice for those who may be considering reconciliation in the future or seeking to maintain certain legal advantages, such as insurance coverage.

What is divorce?

On the other hand, the difference between separation and divorceis that the latter is the legal process of ending a marriage. In this case, It is necessary for couples to file for divorce through a lawyer before a family judge, who will evaluate each process. If approved, the marriage is officially dissolved.. In this situation, definitive terms are agreed upon regarding the division of assets, child custody and other issues. The
gives couples the opportunity to pursue an independent life and have the possibility of remarrying again with another person in the future.


Emotional and Legal Implications

The main difference difference between separation and divorce lies in the legal and emotional implications. Separation allows for a pause and reflection on the relationship without legally terminating the marriage.. Generally, this process is carried out on good terms and in acceptance by both parties. On the other hand, Divorce is a more definitive option that ends the relationship in all legal aspects.. It can be seen as a liberating step, but one that also involves a challenging legal and emotional process of having to
dividing assets
and establish custody agreements, without a doubt, a decision that is by no means simple and where the children may also be affected.

Where to get legal advice?

Now that you know the difference between separation and divorceIf you are interested, you can make the decision that best suits your current needs. However, it is necessary that you seek the advice of a professional in the following areas
as a Legal Service, where you will be accompanied and advised on the procedures involved in each case.

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