Application for Documents and Apostille Processing in Colombia for Colombians Abroad: Complete Guide

For Colombians living abroad, the process of requesting documents and apostille is essential to validate official documents in other countries. This article provides a detailed guide on how to perform these processes efficiently, answering the most common questions about apostille and legalization of documents in Colombia.

What is Apostille and Legalization of Documents?

The apostille is a procedure that certifies the authenticity of the signature of a public document, allowing it to be recognized abroad.

Legalization, on the other hand, is a similar process, but is used when the destination country is not a party to the Hague Convention.

How can I get the apostille or legalization of the Judicial Record Certificate?

To apostille the Certificate of Judicial Record, you must first request the document through the Colombian National Police website.

Once obtained, you can perform the apostille online through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apostille and Legalization – Consulado de Colombia

The Colombian Consulate also offers apostille and legalization services.

Colombians abroad can go to the nearest consulate to process their documents.

It is advisable to verify the specific requirements and opening hours on the web page of the corresponding consulate.

How is the apostille process in Colombia?

The apostille process in Colombia is simple and can be done online. The steps include:

  1. Enter the Chancellor’s Office portal.
  2. Upload the document to be apostilled.
  3. Pay the corresponding fee.
  4. Download the apostilled document.

Where can I apostille my documents in Colombia?

In Colombia, documents can be apostilled through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alternatively, you can also go to the physical offices of the Chancellery in Bogota.

How long does it take to apostille a document in Colombia?

The time to apostille a document can vary, but generally the online process is quite fast, and can be completed within one business day.

In physical offices, the time may depend on the number of requests.

How much does it cost to apostille a document in Colombia 2024?

The cost of the apostille for the year 2024 has not yet been officially updated, but you can check the current rates on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is important to check regularly for accurate and up-to-date information.

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Online Apostille and Legalization

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers a 100% online apostille and legalization service.

This service is ideal for Colombians abroad, since it allows them to complete the entire process without having to go to a physical office.

Apostille of the Civil Registry

Civil records, such as births, marriages and deaths, may also be apostilled.

To do so, you must request the document at the corresponding notary’s office or entity and then perform the apostille through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Notaries are not empowered to issue apostilles

It is important to note that notaries in Colombia are not authorized to issue apostilles.

This procedure can only be carried out through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When must a document be apostilled in Colombia?

A document must be apostilled when you need it to be recognized in a foreign country that is a party to the Hague Convention.

This includes personal, academic and judicial documents, among others.

How much do you charge to apostille a document in Colombia?

The cost of apostilling a document varies, and for 2024 you should check directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for updated fees.

How to apostille a notarial document in Colombia?

To apostille a notary document, you must first obtain the original document from the corresponding notary office and then follow the online apostille process through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Document Procedures in Colombia

Request for Civil Birth Records

Civil birth records can be requested at the notary or registry offices and then proceed with the apostille for use abroad.

Request for Civil Marriage Records

As with birth records, civil marriage records must be requested at the notary’s office or registry office and then apostilled.

Request for Civil Death Records

For civil death records, the procedure is similar: request the document at the corresponding entity and then proceed with the apostille.

Request for Parishes

Apostille certificates issued by parishes may also be apostilled, but must first be certified by the corresponding diocese before proceeding with the apostille.

Request for Documents at Notary Offices

For any other notarial document, follow the same procedure: obtain the document at the notary’s office and then perform the apostille through the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Applying for documents and the apostille process in Colombia is a process that, although it may seem complex, is considerably simplified with the right information.

For Colombians living abroad, using the Chancellery’s online services is an efficient and convenient option.

Stay informed about updated fees and requirements to ensure a smooth process.


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This complete guide will help you through the document application and apostille process in Colombia, ensuring that your documents are recognized and valid abroad.

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