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Not required. But it is convenient to have the advice of experts in the field to carry out the trademark background consultations and to carry out in due form the whole process of trademark registration application and that this comes to a good end, that is to say, that the registration of the trademark is achieved without any problem and without losing the money invested for not having the guidance and help of lawyers specialized in the subject.

Yes. Power of attorney can be granted to a lawyer at any time during the process.

The criminal proceeding is the judicial procedure that is carried out before state agencies such as the Attorney General’s Office and the Judicial Branch so that, based on the criminal regulations in force, specific cases are processed that involve facts that constitute a crime. The proceedings carried out for these processes tend to ensure that the investigation, evidentiary debate and decision are in accordance with the search for the truth and whether or not responsibility has been declared.

  1. Check that it is possible to register the name and that it does not belong to another company.
  2. Prepare, draft and sign the bylaws.
  3. Processing the Pre-Rut at the Chamber of Commerce
  4. Registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  5. Process the definitive taxpayer identification number before the Dian

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