Certificate of migratory movements in Colombia

portada certificado de movimiento migracion

The certificate of migratory movements is the document issued by the Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia, which shows the data related to the entry and exit of a national or foreigner from Colombia.

Requirements for requesting a certificate of migratory movements

What is required to apply for the certificateado is:

1. Be a Colombian or foreigner owner of migratory movements.

  • To keep in mind: If you are not the owner the one in which the application will be filed, The blood relationship up to the fourth degree, ascending or descending, with the holder of the migratory movements must be proven. Likewise, persons having the first degree of civil affinity with the holder of the migratory movements may to carry out this procedure demonstrating the relationship with the holder. On the other hand, if the request is made by a third party, the power of attorney, duly constituted, and the identification card of the attorney-in-fact must be attached.

In addition, the requirements for the certificate will depend on on the person requesting it:

If you are Colombian:

2. Citizenship cardif of legal age. For minors, the identity card o the civil registry of birth.

If you are a foreigner:

3. CéForeigner’s Registration Card, passport or identification document.

Cost of the certificate of migratory movements

The cost for the application for the certificate of migratory movements is $63,000 Colombian pesos.. In the case of Ecuadorians, the value to be paid is US $5.00.


Online application

or in person?

If the application for the certificate of migratory movements can maketo eonline or in person in person will depend on each case. For this, to the following aspects the following aspects should be taken into account:

The time of the data required.

  • To make the request and receive the issuance issuance oft heertificate in lerefore, information for the last 5 years should be required.
  • Yes, on the other hand, the procedure is over 5 years old, it must be carried out in person at the at any of the Migratory Services Facilitating Centers.

The nationality of the holder.

  • The procedure you can dogo to online for the Colombian citizens.
  • Foreigners will have to validate their identity, at the time of picking up the certificate, in person at any of the Centers Facilitatores Migration Service Facilitator Centers.

The age of the holder.

  • Those over 18 years of age may validate their identity online. In any case, when online validation is not possible, it must be done in person.
  • Minors may only receive the treatment ofáThe minors will only be able to receive the

Certificate of migratory movements

Online application

To apply online you must go to

Next, you will have to identify the options “procedures and services” and “procedures”, to finally enter “enter here to the single form of procedures (FUT)”.

Then you will have to choose the language you want to start in. Next, select the type of procedure, which, in this case, should be the Certificate of migratory movement. Next, you will have to choose the nearest Migration Services Facilitator Center.

After this, you fill in the information requested for personal information and it isIt is recommended that you agree to have information about the process sent to the following e-mail address. Similarly, it is suggested that that enter a personal email address.

When you continue with the process, you will be taken to the section of migratory movements fora migratory activity. In this part, you must complete the information related to the The start and end date of the certificate, as well as the date of the last migratory movement.

Keep in mind that, dtion requesteddaonly the fields marked with asterisks are required.

In the file section, you must attach the identity document in PDF format. of maximum 3MB.

Finally, in the consent section, you must indicate whether you agree with the conditions of the application, so that, at the end, the system will give you a code that you must save.

Duration of the procedure

After the payment has been made and the identity validation has been passed, the deadline that the entity has to issue the certificate is from 3 days business dayes.

Requirements for the delivery of the certificate
of migratory movements

If you must go in person to claim the certificate, you will need to bring:

  • If you are the holder, the didentity document.
  • If you are a relative of the titular or spouse, he/she must have identity card and the document that proves the relationship with the with the holder.
  • For minors, the father, mother or legal representative must present the original or photocopy of the identity card or civil registry of birth.
  • If it is not going to be claimed by the holder or the person requesting itóthe person who comes to claim it must have must have the original power of attorney.



If you are a foreigner and you require the certificate for the last 5 years, you can apply online, but you must go to a Center Service Facilitator to validate your identity.

If for any reason do not approvesuffice validation of identity is not enough, you will have to go to a Centro Facilitator y claim the certificate.

If you must go to a Facilitator Center to complete the procedure, you could save time by scheduling your appointment on the web page