Family Lawyers in Medellín

Family Lawyers in Medellín

Family Lawyers in Medellin, specialists in family law with extensive experience in proceedings before family judges. Advice, assistance and legal representation in family proceedings. Concepts, conciliation, review of processes and mutual agreement procedures at the notary’s office.

Our family law experts are dedicated to advising and representing our clients in a wide range of family matters. This ranges from conflict resolution in marital relations to the protection of children’s rights. We work to find fair and equitable solutions in divorce, custody, visitation, and other family matters.

Divorces by Notary
Probate by Notary


Adoption Processes

The purpose of these procedures and processes is to irrevocably establish the paternal filial relationship between persons who do not have it by nature.

Filiation Process

The process on filiation, paternity and maternity, has as its object the exercise of actions to claim paternity or maternity or to challenge the legally established filiation, through which it is intended to obtain the judicial declaration of a non-determined filiation, or of a filiation different from the one previously determined.It constitutes the procedural channel for the determination by judgment of filiation, both matrimonial and non-matrimonial.

Paternity Dispute Process

The challenge of paternity is a process that originates when there is doubt regarding the veracity of the paternity of a person, when a child is born under the marriage of their parents or when they are in a common-law marital union, paternity is presumed, however this presumption admits proof to the contrary.

Fixing, revision, increase, decrease, exoneration of alimony

Proceedings or processes through which the fixing, revision, increase, decrease or exoneration of the maintenance quota in favor of a child, adolescent or person of legal age with absolute mental disability is requested.

Civil Marriage Procedures

Civil marriage is a marriage that is contracted, formalized and registered before the civil authorities (civil registry, public administration, judges).

Cessation of Civil Effects of a Catholic or Religious Marriage

Cessation of Civil Effects of Catholic or Religious Marriage. Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage according to law.When the divorce is decided on a Catholic or religious marriage bond that produces legal effects, it is called cessation of civil effects of religious marriage.

Civil Marriage Divorce Process

The civil marriage divorce process seeks to dissolve the civil conjugal union, resulting in the civil and patrimonial separation. We have the best divorce lawyers in Medellín.

Divorce by mutual consent in a notary's office

The process of divorce of civil marriage with agreement between both spouses, seeks to dissolve the marital union of civil character in good terms, in an amicable manner and by mutual agreement, resulting in the civil and patrimonial separation.

Liquidation of marital or patrimonial property in litigation or in notarial proceedings

After the divorce proceeding or process, it is necessary to define the situation of the joint assets that the spouses have acquired during the marriage.

Inheritance Settlement

The inventory and appraisal of the totality of the assets, the work of liquidation and partition of the inheritance is carried out.

Succession process or succession proceedings in notary's office with agreement

The procedure or process that seeks to succeed or inherit a deceased person's property is carried out through a process either by notary or judicial process, the first is with agreement between the heirs and the second is litigious, for this is sufficient with the intention of a single heir to distribute the assets of the deceased to initiate the succession process.

Marriage Contracts

Marital contracts are prenuptial agreements that can protect your assets and property in the event of divorce. Our lawyers will assist you in creating customized agreements that reflect your interests and needs.

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