How much does a trademark registration cost in Colombia?

cuanto cuesta un registro de marca en colombia

How much does a trademark registration cost in Colombia?

Before talking about the costs of trademark registration in Colombia, it is good to explain what a trademark is, what types of trademarks exist and why it is necessary to register a trademark in Colombia.

What is a brand?

A trademark is a symbol, distinction or sign that identifies the products or services of a company among others, its purpose is to achieve consumer recognition. Hence the importance of registering it, so that there can be an exclusive right over it, and prevent other people or companies from using it.

What types of brands are there?

Nominative Marks

Also called nominal or verbal, they are composed of one or more letters, words or numbers, or a combination of them.

Figurative Marks

They are those marks made up of a graphic or visual image, which may or may not have a concept.

Mixed Brands

They are trademarks that are integrated by denominative and graphic elements. In this type of mark, both nominative and graphic elements must be integrated and must be clearly visible.

Three-dimensional marks

Refers to a sign containing the three dimensions, height, width, depth. This type of mark is visible to the eye. In this case, it is the product itself, without the need for nominative or figurative elements, which stands out to the eye and makes it different from other similar products.

Animated marks

It is made up of a sequence of images that represent it. In this case, at the time of making an application for registration of an animated trademark, each movement must be explained as the nature of the trademark.

Sound marks

Sound marks are perceptible to the human ear, which has the ability to distinguish and identify a product or service through the diffusion of a sound. The sound mark must be represented by a sonogram or spectrogram. Which is a graphical representation of the sound. In addition to this, a digital recording in which the mark applied for is reproduced must be added.

Olfactory marks

They are signs consisting of a smell or fragrance. For its registration it is necessary, a detailed description of the odor, which must be objective, clear and unequivocal.


Why is it important to protect a trademark?

A brand allows consumers to identify a product or service, differentiate it from others and generate recall. A person is more likely to consume a brand that he or she recognizes than one that he or she does not identify. In addition to this, it becomes a reference of good quality and service; and it can evoke emotions in the consumer.

A brand allows you to:

  • Differentiate a product or service
  • May be more valuable than tangible assets
  • May generate income from licensing
  • It gives the entrepreneur exclusive access to the brand, preventing others from using it to promote products or services of similar brands. This helps the consumer to purchase the product or service from the company that actually markets it.

cost of trademark registration in colombia

How much does a trademark registration cost in Colombia?

To register a trademark in Colombia before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce or before the Chamber of Commerce, it is necessary to know the cost of this procedure, since each year the Superintendence sets prices related to this, in addition, it is necessary to contemplate in the budget the costs of fees of a lawyer specialized in trademark registration, and thus avoid problems in the future.

Below, we specify the prices that are generated during this process so that you can define the budget you require for the trademark registration.

Find out here
the process to register a trademark in Colombia

TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN COLOMBIA before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.

  • Advice on the elaboration and organization of documents and requirements before the
  • Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • Trademark background check
  • Trademark registration procedure
  • Monitoring of the status of the procedure before the SIC.
  • Obtaining a decision on the application for trademark registration

Fees: COP$977,000

Approximate value of SIC rates: $1,200,000 (1 class); $1,500,000 (2 classes); $1,900,000 (3 classes)

(includes trademark background check – name and distinctive signs)

Duration of the procedure: 6 to 8 months approximately.

Requirements for trademark registration

  • Certificate of existence and legal representation of the natural person or legal entity that owns the trademark.
  • Tax ID of the natural person or legal entity that owns the trademark.
  • Photocopy of the Legal Representative’s Identification Card
  • Logo – Trademark to be registered in JPG format
  • Brand classification
  • Payment of fees before the SIC
  • Power of Attorney

Why hire a lawyer for a trademark registration?

To have the legal advice of a
expert lawyer in trademark registration
gives you the security of doing the procedure in the correct way. Although this process can be done personally, an expert lawyer will advise you throughout the process and will be your best legal ally, thus avoiding future problems.


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