Kinship in Colombia

portada parentesco en colombia

Kinship in Colombia is the family relationship that exists between people, originating from different types of ties:

Blood relationship

Consanguineous are understood to be persons who are biologically descended from the same ancestor, forming a blood relationship between them.

Affinity relationship

It is understood that there is an affinity relationship with the relatives of the spouse or permanent partner.

It can also be considered a kinship through lines, as follows:

  • Straight direct line (


    That which is imaginary drawn between people descending from each other, either in an ascending direction (parents with respect to children) or descending direction (children with respect to parents).

  • Collateral line (


    It is the one formed by people descended from a common ancestor such as siblings (from the same father/mother) or cousins (from the same grandfather/grandmother).

  • Transverse line (


    Is the one formed between those who have the same ancestor in common, but are at different “heights”, forcing the imaginary line formed between them to become transverse.

The degrees of consanguinity and affinity are counted by heads of distance between each to the nearest common ancestor, thus: