Mixed Brands

marcas mixtas

A mixed mark is a type of mark that combines graphic and verbal elements in its design. In other words, it is a combination of a logo or visual design together with words or letters that form the brand name. In this type of markings there are infinite possibilities to join both elements, you can put the separate elements, but in the same image.

These brands seek to leverage both the graphic image and the words to convey the brand’s identity and values effectively.

The elements that make up a mixed brand are:

  1. Logo or Graphic Design: This is the visual component of the brand that may include images, illustrations, shapes, colors and other graphic elements that represent the brand identity and its message.
  2. Name or Words: Together with the logo, the brand name or related words are an integral part of the mixed mark. These words can be the full name of the brand or an abbreviation that represents it.

The advantages and disadvantages of a mixed brand are as follows


  • Memorability: The combination of visual elements and words can make the brand easier for consumers to remember.
  • Strong Identity: By uniting graphic elements and words, the brand can convey a more complete and meaningful identity.
  • Flexibility: A mixed brand can be adapted to different applications, from products to advertising and online presence.
  • Effective Communication: It can help to convey more efficiently the brand’s values, personality and purpose.


  • Complexity: If not executed properly, a mixed mark can become too complex, making it difficult to understand instantly.
  • Confusion: A bad combination of visual elements and words can cause confusion or ambiguity in the interpretation of the mark.
  • Costs and Design: The design and development of a mixed brand often requires more time and resources than a single brand.
  • Consistency: Maintaining consistency in the presentation of the mixed brand in different media can be a challenge.

In general, a blended brand can be a powerful option to convey the brand identity in a comprehensive and memorable way. However, it requires careful planning and skillful design to ensure that graphic elements and words complement each other and communicate effectively to consumers.