Why is it important to have an INVIMA sanitary registration?

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We all know the importance of taking care of ourselves: eating healthy, drinking water, exercising and if we get sick, we should take some medicine to help us recover.

You may be asking yourself,“What does this have to do with sanitary registration or INVIMA?

The answer is simple: If there were no regulatory body in charge of reviewing the manufacturing, preservation, handling and distribution processes of products for human consumption, and to ensure that there is no danger in their use, we would be suffering from many diseases.

If you are a trader who wants to sell products for consumption in Colombia or if you are a person who always wants the best, we recommend you to continue reading this article where we will explainwhat is the INVIMA sanitary registration and why it is important.

What is a sanitary registration?

In summary, a sanitary registration is a certificate issued by the National Institution for the Surveillance of Medicines and Food (INVIMA), which certifies natural or legal persons to manufacture, package and market products for human use and consumption.

These products include: food, medicines, make-up, vitamin supplements, alcoholic beverages, medical equipment and any other product that affects people’s health.

Depending on the nature of the product, INVIMA grants different permits:

  1. For foodstuffs, they are issued according to the risk they may pose to health: health registrationwhen the product has a high probability of contamination by external factors; health permitWhen the product presents a medium probability of contamination, it is generally granted to processed products and, finally, to products with a high probability of contamination, health notification if the product has a very low probability of contamination and if it occurs, it is due to mishandling of the product.
  2. Sanitary registrations are granted for drugs and derivatives, vitamin supplements and medical devices and diagnostic reagents.
  3. Finally, products such as cosmetics, toiletries and personal hygiene products are granted a sanitary notification.

Why is it important to have a sanitary registration?

First of all, it is mandatory to have this certificate if you want to sell this type of products in Colombian territory.

In addition, you must always ensure compliance with sanitation standards, since this permit can be withdrawn if INVIMA, through routine controls, detects malpractice, including a fine and the temporary or permanent closure of your business.

Secondly, having a health certificate gives you credibility with the consumer, since you are saying that you have the backing of an entity that watches over the safety and health of people.

Third, you will be a benchmark for your industry, as you demonstrate that your manufacturing process is safe and your standards are high.

And, complementing the second point, you will be better positioned in people’s minds, they will recommend you and you will become a reference in the sector you work in.

In conclusion...

Both as a retailer and as a consumer, it is important to know the importance of these records.

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