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Urban Law Medellín

Real Estate Law Medellín

Urban Law Medellín

We are lawyers and an interdisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in Urban and Real Estate Law in Medellín . We provide advisory services, accompaniment and legal and technical urban and real estate representation.

Real Estate Law Services Medellín

  • To provide legal support for the execution of an urban development program.
  • Generate a secure environment with respect to the legal business.
  • Propose answers and alternatives for conflict resolution.
  • Elaboration of real estate contracts: Joint Venture Accounts, Sales, Trusts, Mortgages, Leasing.
  • Title Study.
  • Appraisals.
  • Support in the presentation and follow-up of the updating of areas and boundaries before the municipal and departmental authorities.
  • Legal verification of the planimetric elements in the light of the requirements of the horizontal property constitution.
  • Preparation of the minutes of the update of areas.
  • Englobe
  • Co-ownership regulations
  • Incorporation and liquidation of companies.
  • Liquidation of the de facto partnership derived from the joint account agreement.
  • Accompaniment in obtaining peace of mind.
  • Advice on the particular situations that accompany the closing of sales.
  • Advice on the legal conditions required by the purchasers in the execution of the public deed (constitution of family patrimony, family housing allocation, usufructs, mortgage guarantees).
  • Transfer of strips of the resulting public space.
  • Accompaniment in the Notary and Registry Office procedures of legal acts.
  • Accompaniment in the completion of the appraisal of the new property.

Leasing Law

  • Process for obtaining a landlord's registration.
  • Preparation of lease agreements.
  • Preparation of management contracts.
  • Elaboration of brokerage contracts
  • Advice and accompaniment in the economic activity of leasing.
  • Police and Coexistence Code

  • Accompaniment in requirements under Law 1801 of 2016.
  • Representation in a single police process.
  • Filing of complaints.
  • Filing of appeals under Law 1801 of 2016.
  • Accompaniment for urban infractions of Law 388 of 1997 and 1801 of 2016.
  • Technical Services Real Estate Law

    Architectural and Urban Design

    We have the expertise to create innovative and aesthetic architectural designs that additionally have fundamental qualities such as: maximum use of areas, spatial richness, response to the environment and adaptability to the client's needs. The knowledge and management of the applicable national and local urban planning regulations provide extra benefits that allow obtaining the greatest benefit for the project, guaranteeing its success at all levels.

    Civil Works Construction

    The high development and growth of the real estate sector in our context ensures that any investment made in this cluster is safe. However, achieving this depends on the organized and transparent management of the construction work. The architect's experience in the execution of public and private civil works allows her to translate a good architectural design into an efficient and orderly physical execution according to schedules and budgets.

    Procedures before the curator's office and municipal planning: licenses, recognitions, disengagements.

    He has extensive experience in the public sector and therefore has a vast knowledge of the urban planning regulations in force and the procedures required for the legalization of projects or any other management within a City Planning Office or Municipal Planning Office.
    This knowledge translates into effectiveness and agility of the procedures, becoming a priority when selecting an intermediary for the same.

  • Subdivision license
  • Urbanization license
  • Subdivision license.
  • Construction license
  • Change of destination - Land use.
  • Recognition of the existence of a building.
  • Approval of horizontal property and seals.
  • Preparation of PUG's and partial plans.
  • Planning Instruments

    Law 388 of 1997 explicitly states the need for territorial planning at different scales in Colombia and the way in which these processes should be carried out. The professional architect with a Master's Degree in Urban and Territorial Planning from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, has the capacity and expertise to formulate and develop Planning Instruments such as POT, EOT, PBOT, as well as smaller scale instruments that complement them to carry out the treatments of Renovation, Redevelopment, Integral Improvement and Consolidation of any territory.

    Project Formulation

    From the knowledge of the problems and needs of a territory it is possible to implement methodologies that allow to know their causes and effects, in order to subsequently generate projects that translate into solutions. In addition, the architect has the ability to formulate public investment projects in any area, generating indicators and informative data with great assertiveness. With the knowledge and use of the National Planning Department's AMS, formats (EBI and BPIM forms) are generated to obtain resources for project execution.

    The fulfillment of the products and estimated times will be subject to the diligence of the agents involved, Curadurías, planning and cadastre offices, notary, registry, housing control office, timely payment of the property tax, so it cannot be declared non-compliant if the delay is due to these agencies.

    Real Estate Trust Business and Condominium Ownership

  • Review, drafting and amendment of condominium by-laws.
  • Constitution of legal personality of horizontal property.
  • Coexistence manual.
  • Accompaniment at meetings of the co-owners' assembly and board of directors. administration.
  • Pre-legal and legal collection of ordinary and legal administration fees. extraordinary.
  • Warranty claim. One (01) year finished and ten (10) years structure.
  • Notarial, cadastral, and public instrument office procedures

  • Accompaniment in public deed procedures at the notary's office.
  • Civil and commercial contracts by private document.
  • Constitution and cancellation of unseizable family patrimony and allocation to family housing.
  • Study of Certificates of Tradition and Freedom.
  • Correction of registry and cadastre errors.
  • Clarification of areas and boundaries Cartography
  • Integral management of real estate, residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

  • Assignments of pledges, area benefits or letter of instruction.
  • Advice on the contracting process of urbanization and development works. building.
  • Contractual and extracontractual liability of the builder and insurance.
  • Legal management of construction projects.
  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Structuring of real estate transactions.
  • Purchase and sale transactions of large real estate properties.
  • Real estate and movable guarantees.
  • Urban Development Agreements.
  • Real Estate Appraisals.
  • Representation in proceedings related to state responsibility in administrative acts with respect to the construction sector.
  • Real Estate Law

  • Management, acquisition and divestment of real estate portfolios.
  • Advice on real estate investment funds - FICs.
  • Review, drafting of purchase and sale contracts, leases, mortgages, promises, easements, brokerage, confidentiality, exclusivity.
  • Management and advice on judicial auctions.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.
  • Pre-legal and legal collection of real estate portfolio.
  • Real estate litigation.
  • Real estate securitization processes.
  • Structuring of real estate transactions.
  • Property and cadastral management.
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