Cancillería en Colombia

Chancellery in Colombia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia refers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the entity in charge of formulating, directing and executing the country’s foreign policy. It is the body responsible for Colombia’s international relations and represents the country in the diplomatic arena. The main functions of the Foreign Ministry in Colombia …

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Audiencia de medida de aseguramiento

Security measure hearing

First of all, it is important to bear in mind that a security measure in Colombia is a judicial decision taken to ensure compliance with the decisions adopted in the proceedings, the presence of the accused in the process and to ensure social stability and tranquility. This measure is applied before a sentence is passed …

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Audiencia de formulación de imputación

Indictment hearing

The indictment hearing is a preliminary hearing that takes place before the judge for the control of guarantees, in which the Attorney General’s Office informs a person of his or her status as an accused when from the material evidence, physical evidence or legally obtained information it is possible to reasonably infer that the accused …

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Traffic Lawyers in Colombia: Allies in Cases of Accidents and Legal Problems

Traffic Lawyers Traffic accidents are events that can drastically change the lives of people in Medellín. These situations are unpredictable and, unfortunately, can result in serious injury or even loss of life. In the midst of the confusion and stress that follows an accident, having the assistance of a traffic lawyer in Medellín and Colombia …

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