Legal services in Medellín

Legal services in Medellín

Legal Procedures for U.S. Citizens in Colombia before the American Embassy in Colombia

Our law firm specializes in providing legal advice and representation to U.S. citizens in Colombia. We facilitate the resolution of legal and administrative matters before the U.S. Embassy in Colombia, ensuring that your rights and obligations are duly protected.

U.S. Passport Renewal in Colombia

We simplify the U.S. passport renewal process for citizens residing in Colombia. Our lawyers handle all the necessary formalities, ensuring a smooth renewal within the deadlines set by the Embassy.

Management of U.S. Social Security documents before the American Embassy in Colombia.

We offer specialized services for U.S. citizens in Colombia who need to handle Social Security matters. Our legal team is in charge of coordinating and facilitating the following documents and procedures before the American Embassy in Bogota

We offer a specialized service in managing and obtaining documents related to the U.S. Social Security through the Embassy in Colombia. This includes obtaining verification letters, statements, and other documents necessary for U.S. Social Security benefit matters. Our legal team takes care of all the paperwork, coordination and communication with the Embassy to ensure that our clients obtain the required documentation efficiently and accurately. Whether it’s to apply for benefits, demonstrate your work history or any other U.S. Social Security-related purpose, trust us to provide expert assistance and facilitate access to these important resources.

Certificate of Benefits

We assist in obtaining the Social Security Benefits Certificate, which is essential to demonstrate and verify the benefits and entitlements to which a U.S. citizen is entitled.

Certificate of Income

We obtain certificates detailing the income of a U.S. citizen, which may be required for a variety of legal and financial procedures.

These are just some of the services we offer. At Servicio Legal, we are committed to providing U.S. citizens in Colombia with the high quality legal advice they need to address a wide range of legal and administrative challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us for expert guidance and effective solutions to your legal matters in Colombia.


Our healthcare services in Colombia are focused on ensuring access to quality medical care for our clients. We offer legal advice on health issues, patient rights and dispute resolution with medical providers.

Policies and Social Security for Foreigners in Colombia

We help foreigners in Colombia to join the social security system and obtain adequate health policies. This includes guidance on affiliation to the Colombian health care system and the selection of policies that meet their needs.

Travel Assistance

We provide legal services for travelers, ensuring that they are protected during their stay in Colombia. This includes advice on travel insurance, tourist rights and legal assistance in case of problems during the trip.

Prepaid Medicine

Our legal team will guide you through the acquisition of prepaid medical plans in Colombia, ensuring that you and your family have access to high quality medical services when you need them.


We offer comprehensive advice on the acquisition and management of a wide range of policies, including health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance and more. We ensure that your interests are protected.

Affiliation with EPS (Health Promoting Entities)

We help foreigners in Colombia to affiliate to EPS, ensuring that they are enrolled in the health system and receive adequate medical care according to their needs.

Our commitment is to provide accurate and personalized legal solutions in the field of health and social security in Colombia, ensuring that our clients are protected and have access to the services they need. Contact us for advice and guidance on these important aspects in Colombia.

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