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Do you need a lawyer to help you with your trademark registration in Colombia?

Registering your trademark is essential for the development and growth of your company. By protecting your brand you will be able to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. Also, registering your trademark provides security and confidence to your customers and potential investors.

Trademark registration is not easy for people who have no preparation in legal aspects of industrial property, the most advisable is to be handled by one of our specialized lawyers; in this process of trademark registration there are stages such as the response to official requirements, opposition lawsuits or appeals. We receive multiple applications in trademark registration attempts that are made without the accompaniment of an attorney, finding errors in the application. We have experience in all intellectual property matters (Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights).

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I want to register my trademark

Trademark registration in Colombia is essential because you must be sure that the trademark is available among the more than 323,000 existing companies. At Servicio Legal we provide you with the right advice for the registration of your trademark.

Every trademark registration in Colombia is made in two fundamental steps:

– Feasibility Study: before filing a trademark application in Colombia, a feasibility study is carried out, in which our intellectual property lawyers present you with a complete study of similar trademarks and a complete list of options of trademarks that you can register.

– Registration Application: after choosing the option, our lawyers will file the formal application for trademark registration in Colombia before the intellectual property office, who will closely follow up the process. You will receive timely information about the trademark registration made before the authorities and the status of the process.

Register your trademark with the relevant institutions is the only way for your company to obtain the rights to it.

A brand is an intangible asset of enormous importance, since it is the one that generates remembrance among your customers and adds value to your products. Because of the above, the registration of your trademark cannot be in the hands of just any lawyer.

A trademark attorney takes into account a variety of legal criteria to determine whether a trademark can be registered. It may be that your trademark is very similar to another one that is already registered, or that there is an infringement of rights, in these cases it may be difficult to register it.

The trademark registration procedure has several stages, which can become tedious and must be properly navigated.

Perform a search in order to verify that the trademark you are interested in is not registered.

Before initiating the trademark registration process in Colombia, a sound and graphic search must be carried out to verify if there are any impediments that prevent the registration.

To perform a trademark search, the safest and most reliable way is through Servicio Legal, experts in trademark registration in Colombia.

Pay the official fees established by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, which annually sets an official fee; for the year 2022 the SIC fees for the trademark registration procedure in Colombia are as follows:

– Application for registration of trademark or commercial slogan (first or only class) $1,003,500.

– Application for trademark or slogan registration (additional class in the same application) $501,500.

Fill out the application form for trademark registration in Colombia.

To initiate the trademark registration process in Colombia, a form containing the following information must be filled out:

– Data of the applicant of the trademark, either natural or legal person.

– The denomination of the trademark to be registered.

– The class of the Nice International Classification to which the goods or services to be identified belong.

– The description of the products or services to be identified with the trademark, in detail.

Attach the documents required by the superintendence of industry and commerce, it is necessary to attach the following documents.

– Receipt of payment of official fees.

– Artwork or logo of the trademark to be registered.

– Power of attorney.


What are the benefits of registering my trademark?

  • A brand allows consumers to easily identify a product or service and differentiate it from the competition.
  • A trademark allows the company’s image and business strategy to be projected, thus enhancing its reputation.
  • A brand gives consumers confidence by guaranteeing a standard quality.
  • A trademark can be licensed, which can generate a source of income for the company.
  • A trademark is an intangible asset that can become more valuable than the rest of the company’s assets.
  • Registering a trademark at the right time allows you to prevent situations such as trademark counterfeiting or unfair competition because your company has the exclusive right to use it.

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