We provide real estate advisory, management, accompaniment and legal representation services.


  • Title Study.
  • Elaboration of the co-ownership regulations.
  • Incorporation and liquidation of companies
  • Accompaniment in obtaining peace of mind.
  • Advice on the legal conditions required by the purchasers in the execution of the public deed (constitution of family patrimony, family housing allocation, usufructs, mortgage guarantees).
  • Accompaniment in the Notary and Registry Office procedures of legal acts.
  • Opening Brocker Account

    We facilitate the process of opening brokerage accounts in Colombia, allowing you to access the financial and securities markets in the country. Our lawyers will guide you every step of the way, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and providing personalized advice.

  • Income of Resources to the Country

    We help you navigate the complex procedures for entering resources into Colombia, ensuring compliance with changing regulations. We ensure that your international transactions run smoothly and legally.

  • Money Transfer to Colombia

    We facilitate the transfer of real estate investment funds to Colombia. Our lawyers are in charge of complying with legal requirements and foreign exchange regulations, ensuring a safe and efficient transaction.

  • Report to Banco de la República

    Compliance with reporting requirements to Banco de la República is fundamental in international transactions. We prepare and submit the necessary reports to ensure compliance with foreign exchange regulations.

  • Legal Representation

    In cases of legal disputes related to property, we offer solid and strategic legal representation. Our lawyers will defend your rights and seek effective solutions to your legal problems.

  • Accompaniment in the completion of the appraisal of the new property.
  • Property tax holder update request in Medellín
  • Review, drafting of purchase and sale contracts, leases, mortgages, promises, easements, brokerage, confidentiality, exclusivity, etc.
  • contractual and non-contractual civil liability
  • Pre-legal and legal collection of real estate portfolios
  • Real estate securitization processes
  • Structuring of real estate transactions
  • Property and cadastral management
  • Title Study – Legal Property Analysis

    We conduct exhaustive title studies to evaluate the legitimacy of the property. Our lawyers identify potential legal issues and offer solutions to ensure the security of your real estate investments.

  • Buying and Selling Real Estate

    We advise you in the whole process of buying and selling real estate in Colombia. From negotiation to contract formalization, we work to protect your interests and ensure smooth transactions.

  • Lease of Real Estate

    We provide advice to both landlords and tenants in the preparation of fair and equitable leases. Our experience ensures that contractual relationships run smoothly.

  • Deed of Property

    We facilitate the process of deeding properties, ensuring that all legal formalities are properly complied with. We guarantee that your property is duly registered in your name.

  • Change of Ownership Property Tax

    We manage the change of ownership of the property tax in an efficient manner and in accordance with local regulations. We simplify the process so you can make property changes without tax complications.

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