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We are specialists in pensions and labor law in Medellin, we have extensive experience in proceedings before Colpensiones, private funds, Ministry of Labor and labor judges. We offer legal advice on pensions.


Advice, applications and legal representation for the recognition of all types of pensions before Colpensiones and Private Pension Funds in Medellín.

Old age pension

To be eligible for an old age pension, a person must be 57 years of age for women or 62 years of age for men, as well as have 1,300 weeks of contributions at any time.

Survivor's pension

This is the benefit to which the member's or pensioner's family members are entitled, due to the death of the member or pensioner.

In the case of death of a member, the deceased must have contributed 50 weeks of contributions within the 3 years immediately prior to death. The requirements and benefits apply equally to members of the two pension systems, either Average Premium with Defined Benefit or Individual Savings with Solidarity.

Disability pension

In order to access the disability pension, the general rule is to have been qualified with a loss of working capacity equal to or greater than 50%, to have 50 weeks of contributions in the 3 years immediately prior to the date of structuring the disability or the occurrence of the disabling cause.

Exceptions to the contribution requirement: If the member has contributed at least 75% of the minimum weeks required for the old age pension, only 25 weeks must have been contributed in the last 3 years. If the member is a person under 20 years of age, he/she will only have to prove that he/she has contributed 26 weeks in the last year immediately prior to the event causing the disability or its declaration.

Family pension

The family pension is that which is recognized by the sum of the contribution efforts or contributions of each of the spouses or permanent partners, which results in the joint fulfillment of the requirements established to acquire the old age pension, either in the RPM or the RAIS.

Transfers to Colpensiones at any time

We advise you on everything related to the transfer process to Colpensiones at any time, upon compliance with the demands and requirements involved.

Analysis, correction and updating of work history

We advise and help you with your work history in terms of analysis, correction and updating.

Recovery weeks

We advise and assist you in the recovery of unreported weeks that do not appear in your work history.

Substitute indemnities

In the events in which the contribution or cohabitation requirements with the deceased were not met, his beneficiaries are entitled to receive an indemnity in lieu of the old age pension, if he was a member of the Average Premium with Defined Benefit Regime, which must be processed separately before each of the Funds to which the deceased contributed, and whose amount is calculated with the weekly average of the value contributed.

Pension bonds

The pension bond is a public debt security, which guarantees the computation of all the time worked and/or contributed prior to the transfer to one of the administrators of any of the regimes of the General Pension System created by Law 100 of 1993.

Balance returns

In the case of a member of the RAIS, the beneficiaries will receive the total balance credited to their individual pension savings account, including the yields and the value of the pension bond, if applicable. If the refund of balances is not applicable because there are no beneficiaries, the amount accumulated in the individual savings account will be part of the estate of the deceased and if there are no beneficiaries up to the fifth order of inheritance, it will be destined to the Pension Solidarity Fund.

Funeral assistance

Whoever proves to have paid the burial expenses of the member or pensioner will be recognized an amount equivalent to the last contribution base salary or the last pension allowance received, which cannot be less than 5 SMLMV, nor more than 10 times said salary.

Pension increase of 14% for spouse and 7% for minor or disabled child.

The disability and old age pension allowances may be increased by 7% over the minimum legal pension for each of the sons or daughters under 16 years of age or 18 years of age if they are students, or for each of the non-pensioned disabled children of any age, provided they are economically dependent on the beneficiary, or by 14% over the minimum legal pension, for the spouse or partner of the beneficiary who is economically dependent on the beneficiary and does not receive a pension. The monthly increases of the disability and old age pensions for these concepts may not exceed 42% of the minimum legal pension.

Claim for payment of late interest

In the case of not having taken into account the moratorium interest at the time of liquidating and recognizing the pension, the liquidation and payment of the same may be demanded.

Pension Substitution in Colombia

Pension Substitution in Colombia is a crucial issue for those facing the loss of a loved one who was the holder of a pension. Our Pension Replacement attorneys are prepared to help you understand this sensitive process and ensure that you receive the financial protection you deserve. We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the requirements and procedures necessary to request and receive a pension substitution in Colombia, taking care of your rights and needs in difficult times.

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Compensation for work-related accidents and occupational diseases.

If an employee has an occupational disease or an accident at work, he/she is always entitled to compensation for injuries regardless of the cause or reason for the disease or accident.

Compensation for unfair dismissal

When the employment contract is terminated without just cause, the employee is entitled to the payment of a corresponding indemnity in accordance with the provisions of article 64 of the substantive labor code.

Reinstatement for dismissal due to pregnancy or disability

We advise and assist you in reinstatement applications for dismissal due to pregnancy or disability.

Rating of loss of occupational disability

We advise and accompany you in the process of qualification of loss of working capacity and if it is equal to or greater than 50%, you can apply for recognition of disability pension.


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