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Integral Damages Indemnities in Colombia

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What are the Comprehensive Damages Indemnities?

In Colombia, comprehensive damage awards are a mechanism that seeks to compensate the damage caused to a person or entity as a result of a wrongful act, such as a traffic accident, an assault, a medical malpractice, among others.

The integral compensation of damages covers not only material damage, such as medical and transportation expenses, but also moral damage, such as suffering, pain and anguish caused by the wrongful act. In this sense, full compensation seeks to reestablish the situation of the affected person as close as possible to his or her state prior to the wrongful act.

In order to determine the value of the integral compensation for damages, factors such as medical and hospital expenses, loss of income and work incapacity, esthetic damage and psychological affectation must be taken into account. In many cases, the assistance of a specialized expert is required to establish the value of the damages.

It is important to note that full compensation for damages can only be claimed when a wrongful act has been committed and that the term to initiate the claim process is two years from the time the damage occurred. In addition, it is necessary to have the advice of a lawyer specialized in civil and insurance law to carry out the process of claiming full compensation for damages.


Civil and Insurance Lawyer in Colombia

In Colombia, it is recommended to have the advice of a lawyer specialized in civil and insurance law to request a full compensation for damages.

Although it is not mandatory to have a lawyer to make the application, it is highly recommended, as a specialized lawyer can provide legal advice and representation to ensure that the legal requirements and deadlines are met and that fair and adequate compensation is obtained.

In some cases, as in the case of traffic accidents, the law requires the presence of an attorney in the process of claiming full compensation for damages. In addition, in some cases, such as in medical malpractice cases, the damages may be difficult to quantify, and the advice of a specialized expert and a lawyer is required to establish the value of the full compensation.

In general, the advice of a lawyer specializing in civil and insurance law is recommended for any case in which you seek to seek full compensation for damages, as a lawyer can provide advice on the legal requirements, deadlines and evidence necessary to establish the liability of the responsible party and obtain fair and adequate compensation.

If you require more information and advice about the integral compensation of damages in Colombia, please visit our website and contact us.

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