Administrative lawyers in Medellín

Administrative lawyers in Medellín

Administrative Law is a fundamental branch that regulates the relationship between citizens and the public administration.

Our lawyers specialized in Administrative Law are qualified to advise on cases related to bids, public contracts, administrative procedures, and more.

We focus on protecting the rights of our clients in their interactions with government entities.


Administrative Claims

Administrative Claims are a mechanism to resolve conflicts with public entities. We offer representation services for citizens and businesses seeking a solution to disputes related to administrative acts, public services, or any other tort committed by a governmental entity.

Lawsuits against the State

Facing the State in litigation requires specialized knowledge. Our lawyers are experienced in filing claims against the State, whether for negligence, wrongful expropriation, or any other act that causes harm to our clients. We seek fair compensation and redress on behalf of our clients.


Conciliation is an alternative dispute resolution method that avoids costly litigation. Our attorneys are experts in facilitating amicable settlements between disputing parties, often resulting in quicker and less onerous solutions than a trial.

Nullity and Reinstatement of Law

When an administrative act is unjust or illegal, our lawyers can challenge it through actions for annulment and reestablishment of rights. This strategy seeks to annul harmful administrative acts and restore the rights of our clients.At our law firm, we are committed to provide a solid and specialized legal service in Administrative Law and other related fields. Contact us for reliable and effective advice and representation in legal matters with the State.

Direct Repair

Direct Reparation is a legal process to obtain compensation for damages caused by the public administration. Our team is dedicated to establishing the liability of the government entity and seeking appropriate redress for our clients.

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