Apostille in Argentina

portada apostilla en argentina

In Argentina, they have the system of
Trámites a Distancia (TAD)
to carry out procedures such as the issuance of apostille in Argentina remotely.

The apostille in Argentina is obtained as a digital document whose veracity can be verified from the platform of the TAD system itself.

Public documents issued by an Argentine authority or agency with physical support or in electronic format with digital signature may be apostilled. The handwritten format will only be accepted as a last resort, in case the issuing entity has not yet implemented the digital signature system.

The request is made through “TAD files”, each corresponding to a single document.

Applicant requirements for apostille in Argentina

The request may be made by any person, whether or not he/she is the holder of the document, provided that he/she meets the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age.
  • Have a level 2 or higher tax code.
  • To have an Argentine bank account associated with that fiscal code.

Document requirements

  • If it is a legalized document with digital signature, it is sufficient to attach it as it was issued.
  • If it is a document with a handwritten signature, its legalization must be requested in advance, a process that takes approximately 5 days and is completely free of charge.

Step by step

  1. Log in to the system
  2. Select the “Procedures” option.
  3. Select the “AFIP” option to register.
  4. Register with your CUIT/CUIL number and tax code.
  5. Type in the search engine “Apostille request”.
  6. Select the option called “Apostille/Legalization Request for electronic public documents”.
  7. Complete the form.
  8. Select the type of document to be apostilled. Note that the first option, “Public documents with digital signature”, corresponds to those documents that are not signed by handwriting.
  9. Complete the form and save.
  10. Attach the document depending on the issuing authority.
  11. Confirm the procedure.
  12. Make the respective payment.

Cost of apostille service in Argentina

The current price of the apostille is $600 Argentine pesos, payable prior to the revision of the document and non-refundable in case of rejection, error or duplicity in the payment.

Form of payment

At the moment the request is made, an electronic payment receipt (VEP) is automatically generated and sent to the bank account associated to the fiscal code used.


Once payment has been made, it takes approximately 72 business hours to confirm your payment. From this moment on, the TAD file is initiated, whose study, validation and resolution takes about 20 working days, on average.

What if I am a foreigner?

If you do not have a fiscal code or an Argentine bank account, you must contact the Argentine consulate near you.
nearest Argentine consulate
The document will be processed within 72 working hours for an additional fee of USD 30 or €30. If it is an emergency and for an additional fee of USD 40 or €40, the apostille will be processed in less than 72 hours.