Application for extension of stay in Colombia

portada prorroga de permanencia en colombia

If you are a foreigner holder of an Entry and Stay Permit (PIP) and you wish to extend your stay in our country, the extension of your stay in Colombia is the procedure that can help you.

The extension of stay in Colombia is simply an extension of the time granted by the immigration authority to stay in the country.

Requirements for requesting an extension of stay in Colombia

  • Valid document with which you entered the country, whether it is a passport, ID card or identity card.
  • Photocopy of passport page with personal data.
  • To be holder of an extendable Entry and Stay Permit (PIP) to present an image of the passport page or the Andean Migratory Card where the stamp of entry to the country can be seen.
  • Make the request for the extension before the expiration of the period granted at the time of entry into Colombia.
  • Copy of the ticket of exit of the country or reservation of the same one.
  • Enter the website of Migración Colombia and manage the Single Form of Procedures.
  • Receipt of payment for the issuance of the extension of stay.

To keep in mind

According to Resolution 2061 of 2020, the Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia will have a record of the time of stay of each foreigner who is in the country with a temporary residence permit and entry and stay permit. The objective is not to exceed 180 calendar days in the same calendar year.

In this sense, it is necessary to know the time granted to each foreigner to request an extension of stay in Colombia before the expiration of the permit. In this way, it has been estimated that the time given to each visitor will depend on the permit purchased:

First: Tourism Permit (PT). The time granted will be for up to 90 calendar days, except for maritime tourist groups that will be given the time of permanence of the vessel.

Second: Integration and Development Permit (PID). The time will be according to the activity to be developed. In the case of being in Colombian territory for the purpose of carrying out cooperation agreements or treaties; personal transactions such as judicial, administrative or refugee matters; conferences or research; educational activities; and journalism, it will be up to 90 calendar days. On the other hand, in urgent cases, up to 15 calendar days will be given.

Third: Other Activities Permit (POA). In the case of the processing of CAN’s land crew members’ passbook, up to 30 calendar days will be given. In the case of artistic events or activities, the term shall be for the duration of such events or activities. Shore pass crew members will be granted up to 15 calendar days.

Checklist of requirements

The documents you must have for submission of the application are:

Valid passport
Photocopy of biographical data
Image of the entry stamp
Copy of the departure ticket or reservation of this one.
Single Form of Formalities
Receipt of payment

Costs of requesting an extension of stay in Colombia

The cost of this procedure is $105.000.00 Colombian Pesos.

For Ecuadorian and European Union nationals, the cost of the extension issuance fee is $0.

Similarly, the procedure is free of charge for foreigners who have been granted an Integration and Development Permit (PID) for reasons of humanitarian or emergency need.

if you need to stay longer to resolve your immigration status, you must request an extension of your stay in Colombia.


After making the application and payment, the authority has a period of 1 business day.

Before whom is this procedure carried out?

The procedure for requesting an extension of stay in Colombia is carried out before the Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia through the web or at any Migration Services Facilitating Center located in the country. In the latter case, the original documents must be carried.

How to apply

To complete the online procedure, you must enter Then, you will have to identify the options “procedures and services” and “procedures”, and finally enter “enter here the single form of procedures (FUT)”.

Then you will have to choose the language you want to start the process. Next, select the type of procedure, which, in this case, must be the Temporary Permit to Stay for Extension of Stay. Next, you will have to choose the nearest Migration Services Facilitator Center.

After this, the information requested for personal data and information in case of emergency is completed. It is preferable that the emergency contact be someone in Colombia.

It is recommended to accept to send information about the procedure to the e-mail and to enter a personal e-mail address.

In the file section you must attach the identification card or document of foreigners in PDF format of maximum 3MB.

Finally, in the consent section, you must indicate whether you agree with the conditions of the application, so that, when you finish, the system will give you a processing number that you must save.

Can I apply if I am in an irregular status in the country?

No. It is necessary to remember that the extension implies that you already had a permit and therefore, if you are in an irregular condition, it is not possible to access this request.

How long must the passport be kept?

The passport must have at least an expiration date equal to the time intended in the extension of stay or temporary stay permit, without forgetting that it is not allowed to stay for a term longer than 180 days in the calendar year as a visitor.

How long must the person stay?

The person must have remained in the national territory, at the most, the time granted in the entry and stay permit and must make the extension request before the expiration of that time.

It should be clarified that the time granted in the extension may be the same as originally granted or a longer period without exceeding the allowed period, i.e. 180 calendar days within the same year.

Is it possible to apply from abroad?

It can be requested on the Migración Colombia website, provided that the requirements are met.

Is it the same for foreigners from all countries?

CAN and Mercosur nationals are accepted with their valid national identity card, although the passport is the universally accepted travel document. On the other hand, there are differences in costs, as mentioned above.

Does the extension allow me to work in Colombia?

The temporary residence permit does not allow work within the Colombian territory. This is due to the fact that the entry and stay permit is granted to persons who have no profit motive or intention to settle in the country, and the extension of stay preserves these same conditions.