Aviation Law in Colombia

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Colombian Aeronautical Regulation

Refers to the set of laws, rules and regulations that govern activities related to civil and commercial aviation in the country.

These laws and regulations are issued by the Civil Aeronautics, the entity in charge of regulating and supervising civil aviation in Colombia.

Colombian aviation law is divided into different areas, including the regulation of air services, air navigation, air safety, air traffic control, aircraft design and construction, aircraft registration and pilot licensing.

Among the most important laws and regulations of Colombian Aeronautical Law are Law 105 of 1993, which establishes the legal regime of civil aviation in Colombia; Decree 2186 of 2006, which establishes Colombia’s aeronautical regulations and regulates air operations; and Decree 1760 of 2003, which establishes the requirements for obtaining pilot licenses.

In addition, Colombia is a party to various international aviation conventions and agreements, such as the Chicago Convention of 1944, which establishes the fundamental rules and principles of international civil aviation, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which promotes safety and efficiency in international aviation.

These agreements and conventions have a significant impact on Colombian aviation law and the regulation of civil aviation in the country.


Passenger Service Regulation in Colombia

In Colombia, passenger air service is regulated by different rules and regulations of the Aeronautical Law.

The following are some of the main regulations applicable to this type of service:

Resolution 302 of 2019 of the Civil Aeronautics: This resolution establishes the rules for the protection and defense of the rights of users of air services.

Among other things, this resolution regulates the conditions under which transportation services must be offered, the right to information, the right to non-discrimination, the right to safety, among others.

Resolution 1079 of 2017 of the Civil Aeronautics: this resolution regulates the rights and duties of air transport service users, as well as the obligations of airlines and aeronautical service companies.

This regulation also establishes the penalties applicable to companies that fail to comply with their obligations.

Civil Aeronautics Circular 005 of 2016: This circular establishes the rules and procedures for the transportation of persons with disabilities or reduced mobility in air services.

Decree 1079 of 2015: this decree regulates the civil liability of air transport companies and establishes the conditions under which these companies must indemnify passengers for damages suffered during air transport.

In general, these rules and regulations are intended to guarantee the protection of passenger rights and ensure that air transportation services are provided in a safe, efficient and equitable manner in Colombia.

Rights of Air Transport Passengers in Colombia

The rights of air transport passengers are protected by different rules and regulations of air law.

The following are some of the most important rights of passengers in Colombia:

Right to information: Airlines must provide clear and accurate information to passengers about the conditions of carriage, itinerary, price and policies of the airline. In addition, passengers have the right to receive information about any changes in the itinerary or conditions of carriage.

Right to non-discrimination: Passengers have the right to be treated equally and without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Right to safety: Airlines have the obligation to ensure the safety of passengers during air transportation.

Right to compensation: Passengers have the right to be compensated for cancellations, delays or changes in itineraries that are the responsibility of the airline. Compensation may include reimbursement of the ticket price, rescheduling of the flight, or room and board if necessary.

Right to assistance: In the event of a long delay, cancellation or denied boarding, passengers are entitled to assistance from the airline, such as accommodation, meals and transportation.

Right to complain: Passengers have the right to file complaints for any inconvenience or non-compliance by the airline.

The airline must respond to these complaints and take action to remedy the problem.

In general, these rules and regulations are intended to guarantee the protection of passenger rights and ensure that air transportation services are provided in a safe, efficient and equitable manner in Colombia.