Background request from Italy

portada solicitud antecedentes italia

Background request from Italy

For the application of a Colombian visa, according to resolution 6045 of 2017, the visa authority could require the applicant to submit judicial records from his country.

It is not possible to obtain this certificate completely virtually, but the person to whom the record belongs or his legal representative can start the procedure from the following link: Home – Casellario-Servizi-al-Cittadino (, following the instructions:

  1. If the applicant is a private individual:
    • Click on the “accedi” option in the left column, under the heading “Servizi al Cittadino”.
    • Click on the “accedi” option in the upper column, under the heading “Prenota il tuo certificato”.
    • Fill in the requested information.
  2. If the applicant is a public administrator or manager of public services:
    • Click on the “accedi” option in the right column, under the heading “Servizi alla PA”.
    • Click on the option “Access to the Public Administration Certification”.
    • Fill in the requested information.

Please note that they can only carry out the request for a criminal record in Italy and the registration of administrative penalties depending on the delinquency.

Subsequently, you must go to the public prosecutor’s office or Procura della Repubblica, regardless of your place of birth or residence, with the case casellario giudiziale.

Types of background:

  • General criminal record: Reports all irrevocable judgments and measures in any field (criminal, civil and administrative).
  • Criminal Record: Present all final convictions against the applicant.
  • Civil record: Includes measures such as disqualifications, loss of citizenship, among others.
  • Certificate of pending charges: Refers to criminal proceedings to be resolved.