Consulting in the field of telecommunications regulatory compliance

Consultoría en el ámbito del cumplimiento de la normativa de las telecomunicaciones

In Colombia, the telecommunications sector includes all activities related to the transmission, emission or reception of voice signals, data, images, sounds or other forms of information through electronic, optical or electromagnetic means. This includes fixed and mobile telephone services, Internet access, cable and satellite television, among others.

The main regulations governing telecommunications in Colombia include:

LAW 1978 OF 2019: Whereby the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is modernized, competencies are distributed, a single regulator is created and other provisions are enacted. Its purpose is to align the incentives of the agents and authorities of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, increase its legal certainty, simplify and modernize the institutional framework of the sector, focus investments for the effective closing of the digital gap and enhance the linkage of the private sector in the development of associated projects, as well as increase efficiency in the payment of considerations and economic burdens of the sector’s agents.

LAW 2108 OF 2021: The purpose of this law is to establish Internet access as one of the essential public telecommunications services, in order to promote universality to guarantee and ensure the provision of the service in an efficient, continuous and permanent manner, allowing connectivity for all inhabitants of the national territory, especially for the population that, due to their social or ethnic condition, is in a situation of vulnerability or in rural and remote areas.

Resolutions of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC): The CRC is the entity in charge of regulating and supervising the telecommunications sector in Colombia. It issues specific resolutions on issues such as tariffs, quality of service, operators’ obligations, among others.

Regulatory compliance consulting in the telecommunications sector is important due to the complexity and dynamism of the regulatory environment. Telecommunications companies must comply with a series of legal and technical requirements to operate properly and avoid penalties. Some reasons why it is important to have consulting in this area are:

  1. Regulatory compliance: Companies must ensure that they comply with all applicable regulations and legal provisions to avoid penalties and legal problems.
  2. Efficient management of the radio spectrum: The spectrum is a limited resource and its use must be managed efficiently. Consulting can help companies optimize spectrum usage and obtain the appropriate licenses.
  3. Quality of service: Companies must ensure an adequate quality of service to users. Consulting can help implement best practices in terms of quality and user experience.
  4. Technological innovation: The telecommunications sector is highly dynamic and constantly evolving. Consulting can help companies keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

Telecommunications regulatory compliance consulting can be provided by professionals specialized in telecommunications law, telecommunications engineers, ICT regulatory consultants and telecommunications project management experts.