Countries that exempt Colombians from visa requirements

portada paises que eximen de visa a colombianos

If you want to travel around the world and need to know which countries exempt Colombians from visa requirements, check this article.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the countries that exempt Colombians from visa requirements are:




Afghanistan X 
Albania  X
Germany  X
Andorra  X
Angola X 
Antigua and Barbuda  X
Saudi Arabia X 
Algeria X 
Argentina  X
Armenia X 
Australia X 
Austria  X
Azerbaijan X

Electronic Visa

Bahamas  X
Bahrain X

Visa on arrival and e-visa

Bangladesh X 
Barbados  X
Belgium  X
Belize  X
Benin X 
Belarus X 
Bolivia  X
Bosnia and


Botswana X 
Brazil  X
Brunei Darussalam X 
Bulgaria  X
Burkina Faso X 
Burundi X 
Bhutan X 
Cape Verde X

Visa on Arrival

Cambodia X

Visa on Arrival

Cameroon X 
Canada X 
Chad X 
Czech Republic  X
Chile  X
China Republic




Cyprus  X
Comoros X 
Congo X 
Congo Democratic Republic of the X 
Korea Republic  X
Korea Republic

Popular Democratic

Ivory Coast X 
Costa Rica XTo holders of U.S. or Schengen Visa valid for at least 6 months.
Croatia  X
Cuba  X

Tourist card

Denmark  X
Djibouti X 
Dominica  X
Ecuador  X
Egypt X

Visa on Arrival

El Salvador  X
United Arab Emirates


Eritrea X 
Slovakia  X
Slovenia  X
Spain  X
United States of America X 
Estonia  X
Ethiopia X 
Fiji X 
Philippines  X

Up to 30 days

Finland  X
France  X
Gabon X 
Gambia X 
Georgia  X
Ghana X 
Grenada X 
Greece  X
Guatemala  X
Guinea X 
Guinea-Bissau X 
Equatorial Guinea X 


Guyana  X
Haiti XTo holders of U.S. or Schengen Visa valid for at least 6 months.
Honduras  X
Hungary  X
India X 
Indonesia X 
Iran X 
Iraq X 
Ireland X 
Iceland  X
Marshall Islands X 
Solomon Islands X 
Israel  X
Italy  X
Jamaica  X
Japan X 
Jordan X 
Kazakhstan  X

Up to 30 days

Kenya X Visa on arrival 
Kyrgyzstan X 
Kiribati X 
Kuwait X 
Kosovo  X
Lao Republic

Democratic P


Visa on Arrival

Lesotho X 
Latvia  X
Lebanon X 
Liberia X 
Libya X 
Liechtenstein  X
Lithuania  X
Luxembourg  X
Macedonia XTo holders of a valid Schengen Visa or Residency for at least 6 months.
Madagascar X 
Malaysia X 
Malawi X 
Maldives  X

Up to 30 days for all countries

Mali X 
Malta  X
Morocco X 
Mauricio X 
Mauritania X 


Mexico  X
Micronesia X 
Moldova  X
Monaco  X
Mongolia X 
Montenegro  X
Mozambique X 
Myanmar X

Visa on Arrival

Namibia X 
Nauru X 
Nepal X 
Nicaragua X


Niger X 
Nigeria X 
Norway  X
New Zealand X 
Oman X

Tourist visa to enter Oman at the official points of access to its territory, upon fulfillment of the required conditions.

Netherlands  X
Pakistan X 
Palau X 
Panama  X
Papua New Guinea


Paraguay  X
Peru  X
Poland  X
Portugal  X
Qatar  X
United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland XFor Transit



Central African



Romania  X
Russia Federation  X
Rwanda X

Electronic Visa

Saint Kitts and Nevis  X
Samoa  X
San Marino  X
St. Lucia X 
Holy See  X
Sao Tome and


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  X
Senegal X 
Serbia  X
Seychelles X 
Sierra Leone X 


Singapore  X

Up to 30 days

Syria X 
Somalia X 
Sri Lanka X 
South Africa X 
South Sudan X 
Sudan X 
Sweden  X
Switzerland  X
Suriname  X

Tourist card

Swaziland X 
Thailand X 
Tanzania X

Visa on Arrival

Tajikistan X 
East Timor X 
Togo X 
Tonga X 
Trinidad and Tobago  X
Tunisia X 
Turkmenistan X 
Turkey  X
Tuvalu X 
Ukraine  X


Uganda X 
Uruguay  X
Uzbekistan X 
Vanuatu X 
Venezuela  X
Vietnam X 
Yemen X 
Zambia X 
Zimbabwe X 

Other territories

Aruba (Countries


Bonaire (Countries


Curaçao (Countries


Guadeloupe (France)  X
French Guyana  X
Hong Kong (SARG China)  X

For 90 days

Macau (SARG


Visa exemption for Colombian diplomatic passport holdersX

Visa on Arrival

Martinique (France)  X
Mayotte (France)  X
New Caledonia (France)  X


Palestine X 
French Polynesia  X
Réunion (France)  X
Saba (Netherlands)  X
Saint Barthélémy (France) X 
Saint Pïerre et Miquelon (France)  X
Saint Martin


Sint Maarten (Netherlands)  X
Sint Eustatius


Taiwan X

Electronic Visa

Wallis and Futuna



As we can see, there are a large number of countries that exempt Colombians from visa requirements, but as a recommendation, it is always good to previously review all the legal requirements of the country of destination of your next trip.

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