portada visa de nomada digital para colombia

Here we will tell you about the digital nomad visa for Colombia.

What is a digital nomad visa for Colombia?

It is a permit granted by the Colombian government to foreigners to reside in Colombia and work remotely in foreign companies that do not have headquarters within Colombian territory or start their own digital business or in information technology that are of interest to the country.

This type of visa in Colombia is governed by Resolution 5488 of 2022 and Law 2069 of 2020, also known as the Entrepreneurship Law. The request for this type of visa for Colombia in 2023 has increased compared to previous years.

Permanence period

The foreigner may reside in Colombia for a maximum period of 2 years.

Requirements for the digital nomad visa for Colombia

  • Passport issued by countries that are exempt from short-stay visas.
  • Employment contract with the foreign company specifying the type of relationship that it have with the foreigner, the salary he receives and the approval for him to carry out his work activity remotely (if he is a dependent worker).
  • Motivational letter in which the foreigner explains his entrepreneurial idea and the monetary and human resources he has or plans to have to develop it (in case he is an entrepreneur).
  • Bank certificate evidencing that the foreigner has a monthly income of at least 3 current legal monthly wages (approximately $749 in total).
  • Hiring an all-risk insurance policy.

Processing of the digital nomad visa for Colombia

The application for this visa can be done virtually through the page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There you must fill out the application form that you can access through the following link: and you must submit the required documents in PDF format.

Costs and duration of the procedure

The application for this visa has an initial cost of 50 dollars and, once approved, an issuance fee of 170 dollars must be paid. The process can take up to 30 days.


The foreigner is allowed to include their beneficiaries in the application so they can travel with their family.


This type of visa does not allow the foreigner to work with legal or natural persons whose domicile is within Colombian territory.

Another restriction is that these types of visas are not granted to applicants of all nationalities, they will only be granted to those who have a nationality approved within Resolution 2069 of 2020 in which there are more than 100 approved nationalities.