Foreigners in Colombia

portada extranjeros en colombia

Colombia, a country known for its rich cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes and friendly people, has become an attractive destination for foreign visitors. Over the years, the country has experienced significant growth in tourism and migration, which has led to an increase in the statistics of foreigners entering and leaving the country. In this article, we will explore the most recent figures on the countries that visit Colombia the most, as well as the countries that request the most visas to enter the country.

Statistics of entry and exit of foreigners

Statistics on the flow of foreigners in Colombia are compiled and kept up to date by the Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) and the Colombian Migration Directorate. These data provide valuable information on travel and migration patterns in the country. According to the latest available figures “in 2021 a total of 8,707,445 international movements were recorded showing a variation of 88.5% with respect to 2020. This increase is explained by the reactivation of international travel after the decrease presented in 2020 (-72.2%) as a consequence of the total and partial closure of countries’ borders to control the covid-19 epidemic.”

Most visited countries by foreigners in Colombia

  1. United States: With its geographic proximity and convenient air connections, U.S. visitors top the list of international tourists to Colombia.
  2. Argentina: Colombia’s neighboring country has shown a steady growth in the number of visitors in recent years, thanks to improved air connections and attractive tourist offers.
  3. Brazil: Brazilian tourists have also increased their presence in Colombia, attracted by the country’s natural beauty and shared cultural ties.
  4. Spain: Europeans, particularly Spaniards, have shown a growing interest in Colombia as a tourist destination, exploring its history, culture and Caribbean beaches.

Countries requesting the most visas in Colombia

  1. Venezuela: Given the political and economic situation in Venezuela, many Venezuelan citizens have sought opportunities in Colombia and have applied for visas to settle or work in the country.
  2. United States: Although U.S. citizens do not require visas to visit Colombia for tourism or business, those who plan to stay longer or work in the country may apply for a visa.
  3. Cuba: Cuban citizens are also among those who apply for visas in Colombia, seeking economic and professional opportunities.
  4. Mexico: Mexicans are also among the frequent applicants for visas in Colombia, both for tourism and business purposes.

Statistics on foreigners entering and leaving Colombia reflect the country’s growing popularity as a tourist destination and a place of opportunity. Foreign visitors, particularly from countries such as the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Spain, have contributed to the growth of tourism in Colombia. In addition, the country has experienced an increase in visa applications from citizens of Venezuela, the United States, Cuba and Mexico, due to various economic and professional circumstances.

Colombia continues to open its doors to foreign visitors and to adopt immigration policies that encourage investment, tourism, and cultural diversity. investment, tourism and cultural diversity.