Freedom and preparatory franchise

portada libertad y franquicia preparatoria

In this blog we will tell you the deficiniciaon of freedom and preparatory franchise.

Preparatory freedom

Daytime leave during the working week only, granted by the Disciplinary Board to convicted persons to work in factories, companies or with persons of recognized seriousness, or to continue their professional studies in officially recognized universities.

This permit will be issued by means of a reasoned resolution to be sent to the Director of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute for approval.

There will be a permanent control of those who enjoy this benefit through a prisoner officer or the assigned social worker, by means of biweekly reports.

General requirements

  • Not being sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Not be convicted for punishable acts committed during the time of imprisonment.
  • The benefit has not been withdrawn due to non-compliance with the obligations.

Specific requirements

  • To have observed a previous good conduct for an appreciable period of time.
  • To have shown dedication to work and study.
  • To be in a phase of confidence.

Preparatory franchise

A second phase of preparatory release may be said to consist of permission to work, study or teach outside the prison establishment, with no other requirements than to report periodically to the director of the respective establishment.

Specific requirements

  • To have observed good conduct during the period of preparatory liberty.
  • To have shown dedication to work or study during the period of preparatory freedom.


The release and preparatory exemption may be requested only by the inmate, his or her family members, legal representative or human rights consul.