Health Insurance Requirements for Colombian Visas

Health Insurance

In this article, we will explore the health insurance requirements that must be met to obtain a visa in Colombia.

Currently, migration to Colombia has experienced a significant increase, and obtaining a visa is essential for those who want to experience the rich culture and opportunities that this beautiful country offers.

To enter Colombia, it is necessary to have health insurance that meets certain criteria established by immigration authorities.

These requirements primarily aim to ensure that visitors have access to necessary medical care during their stay in the country, protecting both travelers and the local community.

Health Insurance Requirements for the Colombian Visa


Minimum Required Coverage:

The health insurance policy must offer minimum coverage to ensure care in cases of emergencies and illnesses. According to Colombian regulations, coverage should include major and minor medical expenses, as well as hospitalization, medications, and essential surgical procedures.

Coverage Duration:

It is crucial that the health insurance policy has a duration that aligns with the authorized stay period granted by the visa. Ensuring that the policy covers the entire time of stay in Colombia is essential to meet requirements and avoid legal issues.

Approved Insurance Companies:

Only policies issued by insurance companies authorized by Colombian regulatory entities will be accepted. Before acquiring health insurance, applicants should verify that the company is on the list of recognized providers.

Required Documentation:

When applying for a visa, travelers must include a copy of their health insurance policy that meets all requirements. It is advisable to have an official translation into Spanish of the documents to facilitate the review process.

Additional Requirements Ensured by Health Insurance for Visas in Colombia


These additional elements are essential to ensure that the policy meets necessary standards and provides adequate coverage. Here are specific details about these additional requirements:

Network of Medical Service Providers:

The health insurance policy must provide access to a network of recognized medical service providers in Colombia. This ensures that beneficiaries can receive quality care and efficient medical services during their stay in the country.

International Coverage:

It is recommended that the policy provides international coverage for situations where beneficiaries may need medical attention outside of Colombia. This is especially important if they plan to travel to neighboring countries or return to their home country during their stay.

Medical Repatriation:

Some policies include the option of medical repatriation, covering the costs associated with transferring the insured to their home country in case of a serious medical emergency. Although not always mandatory, having this additional coverage can provide an extra layer of security.

Exclusions and Limitations:

Before acquiring a policy, it is crucial to carefully review any exclusions and limitations it may have. Some policies may not cover certain pre-existing medical conditions or specific activities, so understanding these limitations is essential.

Immediate Effectiveness:

The health insurance policy must take effect immediately upon arrival in Colombia. Ensuring that coverage is active from the moment one sets foot on Colombian soil is crucial to meet visa requirements.

Coverage Certificate:

Applicants must receive a detailed coverage certificate specifying all aspects covered by the policy. This document is necessary to submit along with the visa application and must comply with the standards set by immigration authorities.

Automatic Renewal:

It is advisable to choose a policy that offers the option of automatic renewal to ensure continuity of coverage during the stay in Colombia. This prevents potential issues related to the policy expiring while in the country.

By considering these additional requirements when acquiring health insurance, visa applicants can be confident that they meet all necessary aspects to ensure a safe and legal stay in Colombia.

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Legal Advice on Immigration Law:

Given the complexity of immigration procedures and the importance of meeting each requirement, it is essential to have the guidance of experts in immigration law.

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In summary, understanding and complying with health insurance requirements are indispensable for those seeking a Colombian visa.

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