How to obtain a pensioner visa in Colombia?

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Did you know that the pensioner visa in Colombia is a visa that is designed for foreigners who aspire to settle in the country? So, if you want to live legally in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world or if you know someone who wants to, this article is for you. Stay and read on, in Legal Service
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What is this visa?

The pensioner visa in Colombia is a type M visa that will allow foreigners to obtain legal residency in the country only if they are retired or pensioned. If you are one, you will have to prove that you have a constant monthly income, which comes from the pension granted by the State or your private fund.


How is it obtained?

To obtain the pensioner visa in Colombia You must comply with the same requirements as a normal visa and, in addition to that, you must comply with 4 more. These are:

1. To have a certification that recognizes the monthly payment of a life annuity in favor of the visa applicant. This must be for a minimum amount of 3 legal minimum wages in force, which for this year, 2023, is equivalent to COP 3,480,000 pesos, or USD 732.


2. Have a certificate of judicial, criminal or police record, which must be issued by the competent authority of the country.

3. To have a medical certificate attesting to the petitioner’s psychophysical aptitude.

4. To have a health policy with coverage throughout the Colombian territory against all risks, which must cover the entire time of the applicant’s stay.

For applying for a resident visa in Colombia All these documents must be apostilled or legalized and translated into Spanish, except for bank certificates or bank statements, in case they are in another language.

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How much should be paid?

Although there may be exceptions
exceptions, in order to obtain a pensioner visa in Colombia you will have to pay a survey and expedition fee. In case you are a European or Cuban citizen you will pay 42.25 euros for the study permit and 149.98 euros for the expedition permit. But, if you are not, you will have to pay 54.92 USD and 70.4 USD, respectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

– How long is your term? During this period, you will not be able to work in the national territory, nor be affiliated to the Colombian social security system.

– How long does the process take? up to 30 calendar days, which count from the day you made the request.

– If approved, when will it be delivered? within 10 working days after the payment of the expedition.

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