Invitation Letter to Spain

portada carta de invitacion a espana

The letter of invitation to Spain is a declaration of responsibility made by the Spaniard, EU citizen or beneficiary of the EU regime or foreigner legally residing in Spain who wishes to invite a foreigner to stay in his/her home for a period not exceeding 90 days.

It is necessary since, in order to enter Spanish territory, the foreigner is required to prove the place where he/she will be staying, being able to show proof that he/she has a room in a hotel or, in this case, a letter of invitation.

Exceptionally, the invitation may refer to several persons, but will have an additional cost, corresponding to that of the letter, for each one of them.

Application for a letter of invitation to Spain

At the Police Station of the applicant’s place of residence, you should ask for the application form for the letter, which will be more or less as follows:

Attachments to the request for a letter of invitation to Spain

They vary depending on the Police Station where the request is made, but may include:

  • Documentation accrediting the availability of the dwelling (public deed or title deed, lease contract or any other similar document).
  • Applicant’s identity document
  • Certificate of collective census registration (certificate notifying the status of all persons assigned to the same dwelling).

Once the application has been received, the competent unit will appoint an instructor of the procedure, who may request a personal interview with the applicant to verify the veracity of the information provided. If the applicant does not appear, except in cases of force majeure, the application shall be deemed to have been withdrawn.

Duration of the procedure

It varies depending on the police station, but ranges from two weeks to 1 month in most cases.

Denial of application

It must state the reasons for the decision and contain the appeals that may be lodged against the decision, together with the entity before which they must be lodged and the time limit for lodging them.


Authorization for issuance of the letter: €75.05

Invitation letter: €6.54