Italian citizenship by marriage

portada ciudadania italiana por matrimonio

You must keep in mind that Italian citizenship by marriage is not obtained automatically, but that you must meet certain requirements and, in addition, submit the application properly.

Requirements for Italian citizenship by marriage

  • If they live abroad, three years of marriage or one and a half years if they have common children, either biological or adopted.
  • If living in Italy, two years of residence of the applicant.
  • Living under the same roof.
  • Keep both alive and maintain the relationship throughout the process.
  • Registration of the marriage at the Italian commune (optional).

Documentation for Italian citizenship by marriage

  • Applicant’s birth certificate apostilled and translated.
  • Authenticated copy of passport.
  • Certificate of criminal record from the country of origin, prolonged residence and any other country of which citizenship is held since the age of 14, each legalized or apostilled and translated.
  • Certificate of recognition of the Italian language at a level of at least B1, issued by an Italian public educational institution or one of the following institutions
    the University for Foreigners of Siena, the University for Foreigners of Perugia, the Roma Tre University and the Dante Alighieri Society.
  • Simple copy of the Italian spouse’s passport.
  • Certificate of Italian citizenship of the Italian spouse.
  • Proof of registration of the Italian spouse with the A.I.R.E., if living abroad.
  • Apostilled and translated civil registry of marriage, with apostille of the translator’s signature.
  • Transcription of the marriage made by the embassy or estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio issued by the Italian municipality where the marriage is registered.
  • Application form.
  • Receipts for payment of consular fees and stamp duty (each separately).

Step by step

  1. Obtain all documentation.
  2. Enter the
    CIVES portal
    and fill out the AE virtual form.
  3. Upload to the portal the following scanned documentation, with the above mentioned requirements: applicant’s birth certificate, applicant’s and spouse’s identity document, transcript of the applicant’s birth certificate, transcript of the applicant’s and spouse’s identity document, transcript or estratto per riassunto dell’atto di matrimonio, receipt of payment of consular fees, certificate of criminal record and certificate of knowledge of the Italian language.
  4. Wait for the initial documentation verification mail.
  5. Book an appointment at the embassy through the following platform
  6. Present yourself at the embassy on the day of the appointment with the
    application form
    unsigned and the original of all documentation, including both payment receipts.
  7. Wait for your appointment to perform the pledge of allegiance.
  8. You must show up at the appointment with your spouse and a marriage certificate less than 6 months old to prove that you are still married.

Cost of Italian citizenship by marriage

€250 consular fee + €16 stamp duty or imposta di bollo.


After the personal presentation at the embassy, they can issue the decree of assignment of citizenship within the following 4 years, during which time it cannot have been issued. the dissolution, cancellation or cessation of the civil effects of the marriage, condition that will be verified by means of the updated information of the Italian in the A.I.R.E.

The exception to the rule

If you married an Italian (with citizenship by birth or acquired citizenship) before April 27, 1983, he survived that date and there was never a divorce, you have automatically acquired citizenship! You only have to apply for recognition at the Civil Status Office.

What happens if I separate or my spouse dies before completing the process?

You will automatically lose the right to claim Italian citizenship and the process will be concluded.

What if I separate or my spouse dies after completing the process?

In any of these cases you will retain your citizenship.

Can I give nationality to my children?

If they were born to another couple, it is not possible to give them nationality by marriage, but they could acquire it by adoption.

What if we live in Italy?

In addition to all the above documentation, you must also attach your residence permit or permesso di soggiorno for marriage.