Learn about the types of visas in Colombia and how to apply for them.

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Colombia is a country that has become an attractive destination for many people around the world, whether to visit, study or work. However, in order to enter the country it is necessary to have a visa that allows legal and regular entry. In this article of Servicio Legal we explain the different types of types of visas in Colombia and their characteristics, read on!


Visitor Visa (type V)

The visitor’s visa, known as type V, is the most common option for those who wish to visit Colombia for a short period of time, whether for vacation, tourism or other reasons that do not imply permanent settlement. It is valid for foreigners visiting the country once or several times, as long as their stay is temporary. It allows multiple activities to be carried out in Colombian territory, such as tourism, academic activities, administrative and/or judicial procedures, volunteer work and business trips, among others, and can be obtained at the Colombian embassy in the visitor’s country of origin.

Resident Visa (type R)types-of-visas-in-colombia

It is the second among the types of visas in ColombiaIt is ideal for those who aspire to settle permanently in Colombia for multiple reasons, among them: having renounced Colombian nationality, being the parent of a Colombian national by birth, having accumulated time of permanence, direct foreign investment in the country, marrying a Colombian citizen or having Colombian children. This visa allows you to work and study in Colombia without restrictions.

Migrant Visa (type M)

The third among the types of visas in Colombia. It is especially for those foreigners who wish to enter or remain in the national territory with the intention of settling down, but do not meet the conditions and requirements to apply for a resident visa (type R). It may be valid for up to three years and may be applied for by persons with a permanent partner of a Colombian national, parent or child of a Colombian national by adoption, migrant under refugee status, those who need to establish themselves for work reasons, businessmen, those who exercise a profession or activity independently, religious persons, elementary, high school, middle school and undergraduate students, real estate investors and retirees or annuitants. It allows free entry and exit to and from the country, subject to conditions and formalities previously agreed with the Member State.

Learn more about Resolution 5477 here.

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