INVIMA (National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance) Sanitary Registration

INVIMA (National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance) Sanitary Registration

INVIMA, Instituto Nacional de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos, is in charge of protecting the health of Colombians, through the application of sanitary regulations related to the consumption and destination of food, medicines, medical devices and products subject to surveillance.

The INVIMA sanitary registration is a certificate that accredits natural or legal persons to manufacture, package and market products for human use and consumption.

Sanitary registration, when the product has a high probability of contamination by external factors.
Sanitary permit, when the product presents a medium probability of contamination, generally granted to processed products.
Sanitary notification, if the product has a very low probability of contamination and if it occurs, it is due to mishandling of the product.

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What is a Health Registration?

It is the certificate issued by the INVIMA health authority, which authorizes a natural or legal person to manufacture, package and import a food intended for human consumption.

What is a Health Permit?

It is the certificate issued by INVIMA, which authorizes a micro-entrepreneur to produce and market food for human consumption throughout the national territory with some exceptions such as milk and its derivatives, meat products and preparations, canned, pre-cooked and frozen foods of animal origin, egg-based products, bottled water and baby food.

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