Legalization of Colombian title in Italy

legalizacion de titulo colombiano en italia o declaracion de valor

If you wish to continue your studies or work in Italy, you will require the legalization of your Colombian degree.

What is legalization?

This is the recognition of the validity of a degree obtained abroad, so that it has the same academic and professional effects as a degree obtained in an institution of that country.

University degree

For the homologation of a Colombian university degree, the following will be required:

  • Photocopy of Colombian identity card or Italian passport.
  • Original high school diploma, legalized, apostilled and translated, with authenticated copy of each document.
  • Original bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • Original university degree diploma, legalized, apostilled and translated, with authenticated copy of each document.
  • Original university transcripts, apostilled and translated.
  • Certificate of duration of the course.
  • Detailed content of the subjects translated or not, depending on the requirement of the Italian entity where the application for homologation is submitted.
  • Original certificate of professional suitability, apostilled and translated.
  • For health professionals, certificate stating the absence of criminal or disciplinary sanctions, legalized and translated.
  • Original receipt of payment of consular fees.

In addition, if required for:

Practicing profession in Italy: Letter from the company expressing its willingness to hire you when you obtain the homologation.

Continuation of studies: Certification of knowledge of the Italian language (or English, depending on the language in which the courses are given) equivalent to level B2. If you intend to apply for a master’s degree, even if it is taught in Italian, you must also have a B2 level in English.

Baccalaureate degree

For the homologation of a Colombian baccalaureate degree, the following will be required:

  • Original of the legalized, apostilled and translated high school diploma.
  • Original of the ICFES tests apostilled and translated.
  • Since the Italian institutions have 12 years of study, while the Colombian institutions have 11, the course of the twelfth year must be accredited:

a. Transition grade course certificate.

b. Post-secondary school diploma equivalent to at least 1 year.

c. Original transcript of two fully passed semesters at a Colombian university.

Any of the above must be legalized, apostilled and translated.

  • Original receipt of payment of consular fees (if applicable).

Other titles

The requirements for the homologation of other degrees in Italy can be consulted here.

Step by step for the legalization of Colombian title in Italy

  1. Collect the pertinent documentation.
  2. Request an appointment by emailing [email protected].
  3. Fill out the DDV application form.
  4. Attend the appointment with all the documentation.}


The DDV will be free of charge if it is requested for undergraduate studies and the student has a letter of acceptance or pre-acceptance from the Italian university. Otherwise it costs €41.

Still don’t know where to study?

The Italian Ministry of Education provides the following list of institutions.

No time to learn Italian?

Don’t worry! Italian universities offer many courses and degrees in English.

How long can I continue my studies?

If you have not yet started the process, you should hurry, as the deadline for submitting your application for a study visa for the 2023 period is November 30, 2022. If you do not start now, you will have to wait until next year.

Do you need expert advice?

At Servicio Legal we have lawyers with extensive experience in legalization of titles, we know how to do the process in an agile and safe way. We can advise you in the best way.

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