Attorneys in procedural law Medellín

Attorneys in procedural law Medellín

SERVICES IN Procedural Law – Litigation

Representation and Counseling in Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

We offer expert guidance in the search for extrajudicial solutions to resolve disputes efficiently and economically. Mediation and arbitration are options we explore to avoid lengthy court proceedings.

Advice on the Prevention of Eventual Disputes

We work with you to identify and mitigate potential sources of legal conflicts in your business or personal activities, helping you to minimize legal risks.

Advice and Representation in Civil, Commercial and Constitutional Proceedings

Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation, providing you with sound legal advice and representation in these fields.

Legal representation in ordinary and contentious actions.

We represent you in a variety of legal actions, from civil actions and proceedings to commercial disputes, guaranteeing effective representation at every stage of the process.

Portfolio Recovery Processes

We help companies and individuals recover outstanding debts, using effective legal strategies to ensure the return of the resources owed.

Contractual and Extracontractual Civil Liability Actions

We litigate civil liability cases, whether in contract or tort, to ensure that injured parties receive adequate compensation for damages suffered.

Possessory and Special Possessory Actions

We represent your interests in cases of possession disputes, including possessory and special possessory actions, protecting your property rights.

Actions to Constitute, Modify or Lift the Unattachable Family Estate or Family Housing Affectation

We advise and represent you in proceedings related to family assets, ensuring their protection and, if necessary, their modification or lifting.

Indemnity Actions

We seek compensation for victims of damages, ensuring that those who have suffered losses receive appropriate redress.

Actions to Settle Horizontal Property Disputes

We resolve disputes related to horizontal property, ensuring that owners and residents have a livable and peaceful environment.

Restitution of Leased Property

We represent both landlords and tenants in cases of eviction and restitution of leased properties, ensuring compliance with the terms of the contract.

Rescissory Actions for Enormous Injury

In cases of unbalanced transactions, we undertake actions to annul or revise contracts that may be affected by enormous injury.

Claims of ownership or ownership actions

We defend your property rights and claim rightful possession of disputed real estate.

Exchange Enrichment Action

We represent those seeking compensation for unjust enrichment in foreign exchange transactions.

Advice and Representation in Divorce Proceedings

We guide and represent you in property division procedures, ensuring an equitable distribution among the interested parties.

Easement Proceedings

We handle litigation related to easements, either to establish, modify or extinguish these legal rights over properties.

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