Transfer of Permanent Resident Visa in Colombia

Transfer of Visa type R in Colombia

In the field of Immigration Law in Colombia, it is essential to be aware of the immigration regulations affecting permanent residents.

The recent Resolution 5477 of 2022 has introduced significant changes, especially regarding the transfer of the Permanent Resident Visa.

This article will provide detailed guidance on the requirements and conditions to carry out this procedure, thus ensuring compliance with the established regulations.

Requirements and Conditions for the Transfer of Permanent Resident Visa in Colombia:

  1. Periodicity of the procedure:

According to article 86 of Resolution 5477 of 2022, the holders of the Permanent Resident Visa, both principal and beneficiaries, must carry out the transfer of their visa every 5 years.

This process must be done one month prior to the expiration date of the 5 years of the current visa.

  1. Reissuance Procedure:

The transfer of visa implies the reissuance of the label with the update of dates of issue and validity in the new label, extending for an additional period of 5 years.

It is crucial to note that this obligation was not previously regulated, so Resolution 5477 of 2022 establishes a 2-year transition.

This term, counted as of the entry into force of the resolution, is extended until October 21, 2024, being this last date the deadline for foreigners with Permanent Resident Visa type R under previous regulations, to carry out this updating procedure without possible negative immigration consequences.

  1. Renewal of Alien Registration Card:

In addition to renewing the visa, holders of the R type Permanent Resident Visa must also renew their cédula de extranjeria every 5 years.

This dual obligation reflects the importance of keeping immigration documentation up to date and in compliance with Colombian regulations.

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  1. Consequences of Noncompliance:

Failure to comply with this obligation could have negative migratory consequences.

Therefore, it is crucial for holders to be attentive to the established deadlines and to carry out the R type visa transfer in due time.


The transfer of the Permanent Resident Visa in Colombia, regulated by Resolution 5477 of 2022, introduces significant changes in the procedures for keeping immigration documentation up to date.

With the obligation to carry out this procedure every 5 years, it is essential that holders are informed about the requirements and deadlines to avoid negative consequences.

Keeping up to date with these regulations is essential to ensure a smooth and legal stay in Colombia. For detailed and updated information, it is recommended to consult official sources such as the web page of the

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