Shock Plan 2021 Spanish nationality by residence and by the Sephardic route

plan de choque 2021 nacionalidad española

In recent times, applications for Spanish nationality have been transformed into inefficient processes with results that can take years, causing there to be files that have been pending for a long time and have not been resolved.

In this context, at the beginning of March 2021, the Subdirectorate General for Nationality, an agency of the Ministry of Justice, launched the 2021 shock plan to speed up the response to Spanish nationality procedures.

What does the 2021 shock plan consist of?

The 2021 shock plan is a temporary initiative that consists of implementing a set of measures to boost and resolve the backlog in the processing and resolution of applications for Spanish nationality by residence and through the Sephardic route.

The measures proposed to be adopted by the initiative are focused on cooperation on the part of the personnel, as this is considered to be the most economical, effective and efficient alternative.

In this regard, such boost will be achieved, in the first place, through an extraordinary productivity plan by objectives, which is carried out by the Ministry of Justice officials, where these officials will review the files and issue the corresponding nationality resolution, at different times from the usual working hours. Secondly, it was decided to invest in training modules for the relevant personnel.

Thus, the implementation will be carried out by means of internal reinforcement and the training required for such purposes.

What types of processes will they streamline?

Spanish nationality can be obtained by different ways, among which are:

  • Spanish nationality by option
  • By letter of nature
  • State ownership

However, the initiative is carried out for Spanish nationality files by residence and by Sephardic way.

How many processes are there?

As of March 2021, according to data provided by the Ministry, in the last 10 years there has been a considerable increase in the number of applications for Spanish nationality by residence, totaling 90,000 per year. As of the aforementioned date, the total number of nationality applications pending resolution is 299,724.

On the other hand, with regard to the procedures for Spanish nationality through the Sephardic route, it was estimated that a total of 54,209 are pending solution. Similarly, it is expected that approximately 99,555 additional files will be filed during the course of 2021.

Due to the above, it has been determined that the investment foreseen to execute this plan is €1,865,872, distributed as follows:

  • 1,420,704 for nationality by residence applications.
  • €445,168 for Sephardic nationality files.

Shock Plan 2021 Spanish nationality

Was there a previous shock plan?

In 2019, a shock plan was implemented, which allowed the resolution of many files in a short period of time.

Which applications will benefit the most from this plan?

For the resolution of nationality applications, first consideration is given to:

  • The files that are in qualification or in final status.
  • The files that were filed by telematic means.

However, expediting the older files allows recent ones to be resolved in less time, which is why the plan is a benefit for all those interested in applying for Spanish nationality by residence and through the Sephardic route.

How long will this plan be in effect?

The shock plan is a temporary initiative whose validity is not yet known; however, it is presumed that it would be in place until the end of November.