The Italian Fiscal Code

codice fiscal italiano

The tax code is an alphanumeric series that serves to identify each person, whether Italian or foreign citizen. Although it is generated by means of certain parameters and could be calculated without the need for it to be issued by the competent authority, it is only valid if it is registered in the database of the Agenzia delle Entrate, so that generating it privately, in principle, would not be useful.

What is the Codice Fiscale for?

Being similar to a U.S. social security number, it is used as a method of identification in all areas, even though it is generated by the Italian tax office. It is used, for example, to identify the parties to a lease contract, open bank accounts and apply for a residence permit, among others.

Application for the Codice Fiscale Italiano

It can be requested from Italy or from abroad, at one of its embassies:

  • From Italy: By going to any Italian tax office, after making an appointment on their website, where you will be asked for your study or work visa, residence permit or documents supporting your Italian ancestry, in case you are seeking citizenship.

You can also apply for it at the consulate of your country in Italy, but you will have to submit to the respective waiting time.

  • From abroad: In Colombia, you can make the request to the embassy in Bogota by e-mail, sending the respective form, a copy of the identity document, specifying the reason for the request and attaching the supporting documentation.

You can also present yourself with the above mentioned documentation and your identification document to the embassy in Bogota or to one of the honorary consulates located in Medellin, Barranquilla and Cali.


The processing of this document is free of charge.


It will depend on how you apply and the congestion of the entity, but it ranges from 1 to 3 months.

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