Everything you need to know about the Tourist Visa in Colombia

Tourist Visa in Colombia

Colombia, a country of surprises and varied richness, offers international visitors a vast selection of tourist experiences. Obtaining a tourist visa in Colombia is the first step to immerse yourself in the beauty of its captivating cities, its lush nature, and its fascinating culture.

What is a tourist visa in Colombia?

The tourist visa in Colombia is an official document issued by the Colombian government that allows foreign citizens to visit the country for leisure, tourism, or cultural interest purposes.

This visa belongs to the category of type V visas, which are designed for short to medium stays in the country and do not grant temporary or permanent resident status.

Duration and validity

The tourist visa in Colombia can have a validity of up to 2 years, depending on the activity the foreigner intends to carry out in the country. However, the authorized stay in the national territory is a maximum of 180 continuous or discontinuous days, non-extendable, within each 365-day period of visa usage.

Specific requirements

To apply for a tourist visa in Colombia, a series of specific requirements must be met, including:

Letter of application:

It must be signed by the applicant or by the person endorsing the application and include details such as the full identification of the applicant, the purpose of the trip, and a declaration of financial responsibility for the expenses of stay and travel.

Bank statements:

Bank statements of the applicant or the person endorsing the visa application for the six months prior to the visa application must be presented as proof of economic solvency.

Additional documentation:

Depending on whether the application is endorsed by an institution or company, additional documents such as signed letters from the legal representative, certificates of existence and legal representation, among others, may be required.

Restrictions and important considerations

It is important to note that the tourist visa in Colombia does not allow for paid activities in Colombian territory. Additionally, upon entry into the country, the foreigner will be required to demonstrate possession of a corresponding exit ticket.

Benefits of having legal assistance to obtain a tourist visa in Colombia

To ensure a smooth process and obtain proper guidance during the visa application process, it is advisable to have the support of lawyers specializing in immigration law.

In summary, obtaining a tourist visa in Colombia is a requirement to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer in terms of tourism and culture. With the right requirements and the support of legal professionals, your experience in Colombia will be unforgettable.

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