U.S. Judicial Background from Abroad

Antecedentes judiciales en EEUU desde el extranjero

U.S. Judicial Background

The requirement of a judicial record is of great importance for numerous procedures such as residency, visas, adoption, employment, among others. Regarding this procedure, it is possible that individuals who require a U.S. criminal record certificate will have to apply directly to the FBI. U.S. embassies cannot provide such service.

Step 1: Complete the Applicant Information Form

  • If the application is for another person, remember that each person must complete and sign an individual application form.
  • Remember that it is important to provide a mailing address, telephone number and address.

Step 2: Obtain your fingerprints

  • Your fingerprints must be placed on Form FD-258.
  • This must be current, with date of birth and full names.
  • You must have all 10 fingerprints taken at the same time.

Step 3: Submit payment

The cost of this tour is $18 per person, you can pay by credit card, with this form:

Step 4: Send all the above documents to:

FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request

1000 Custer Hollow Road

Clarksburg, WV 26306

For added security, below you can find a checklist of requirements made by the FBI itself.

Subsequently, if no identity history is found in the file, you will receive a response indicating that you have no prior arrest data on file with the FBI. If you have an Identity History Summary on file, you will receive your Identity History Summary or “rap sheet”.

The process to apply for a U.S. Criminal Record Certificate does not require the intermediation of an attorney.