Volunteer visa in Colombia: requirements and formalities according to Resolution 5477

visa de voluntariado en colombia

The volunteer visa in Colombia belongs to the type of visitor visas. This category is intended for volunteering in social or development cooperation. The visa may be valid for up to 2 years and is valid for one year. is limited exclusively to the activity and organization authorized therein. At the end of the volunteer activity the foreigner must return to their country of origin or residence.

Specific requirements for a volunteer visa in Colombia

The type V Visa must be requested directly by the legal person responsible in Colombia for the applicant, after compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Letter signed by the legal representative of the entity or organization indicating the activity, the program of activities, places where the volunteer will develop the projects and its duration, assuming the economic responsibility to cover all the expenses of the foreigner during his/her stay in Colombia. as well as the costs of returning to the country of origin or the foreigner’s last place of residence at the end of the activities.
  2. Health policy with coverage in the national territory against all risks in case of accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death or repatriation, for the time foreseen for their stay in the country.
  3. Valid document proving the legal status of the entity or organization with at least five (5) years of incorporation, issued by the competent Colombian authority, or document of incorporation in a country other than Colombia issued within the three (3) months prior to the submission of the visa application.
  4. The applicant entity or organization must prove economic solvency by means of bank statements with an average of one hundred (100) legal minimum wages in force for the six (6) months prior to the application. In the case of a public entity, it is not necessary to comply with this requirement.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that the procedure consists of two stages, which have different costs. The first stage corresponds to the study, which costs 42.25 EUR for Europe and Cuba, and 54.92 USD for Colombia and the rest of the world. The second stage, which is the expedition, cost 101.4 EUR for Europe and Cuba and for Colombia and the rest of the world 177.03 USD. In the case of Ecuadorian, Japanese, Korean and Peruvian nationals settling in the Amazon and Putumayo river basins, the differential rates indicated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its website should be reviewed.

*In the case of Spanish nationals the procedure will be free of charge.

Finally, this visa may be reissued on an exceptional basis. It also allows the application of beneficiaries of the principal visa holder, once fully justified.