Worker visa in Colombia: how to apply for it

visa de trabajador en colombia

The worker visa in Colombia, or type M visa, is the type of visa you need if you are a foreigner and wish to work or have already acquired a job in our country.

You should bear in mind that thehe visa that is granted for these conditions is designed for those who have permanent or long-term employment in the country, under an employment contract. link labor or a contracto of services rendered with a person legal or natural domiciled in the national territory.

General requirements

There are documents required for all visas. These are:

  1. Pere is a valid passport or travel document. Must be in goodand with free space and with free space for visa.
  2. Copy of the main page of the passport or travel document. The purpose of this is to have the biographical data of the person.
  3. If you are in in Colombia, you must demonstrate that you are in regular migratory status in the country and show the last entry, exit or last entry stamp, exit stamp or safe-conduct, depending on thedepending on your case. If you are outside the Colombian territory and intend to request the visa abroad, you will have to attach a copy of the copy of the document that proves your regular stay in that country.
  4. Photography 3x4cm recent document type, in color, with white background and front view. It must be in JPG format and weigh no more than 300 KB.

To keep in mind:

  • Documents must be issued within 3 months of the date of issue. at the time of filingr the application. This applies to all documents except identity and travel documents.
  • Thedocuments from abroad must have an apostille or legalization..
  • The documents must have official translation into Spanish when it is not in this language. The translation must be apostilled or legalized.
  • The visa authority may require judicial background information.

Specific requirements for a worker visa in Colombia

In addition to the general requirements, for the worker visa in Colombia is required:

  1. Fill out the contract summary form determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the visa authority may require the original contract to be submitted in cases where the information provided on the form needs to be clarified, has inconsistencies or is not sufficient.
  2. Letter of motivation submitted by the employer.
  3. Employer’s bank statements issued 6 months prior to the application. The above is necessary to prove that, ifif the employer is a legal entity, it has income monthly income around 100 legal monthly minimum wages monthly minimum wages during the these 6 months prior to prior to the application. In the case of a natural person, will have to check monthly income about 10 legal monthly minimum wages in force.

To keep in mind:

If the employers are entities, organs or institutions of the State, diplomatic missions or consular offices accredited in Colombia or an international governmental organization, only a visa application letter signed by the legal representative or whoever is acting in his or her stead must be attached.

Checklist of requirements

The documents you must have for submission of the application are:

Original passport
Copy of the main page of the passport
Document proving regular stay
Contract Summary Form
Motivation letter
Employer’s bank statements

If you are a foreigner and you are going to work in our country, you need a worker's visa in Colombia, which is type M.


These procedures have two rates. First of all, a payment must be made at the moment the application is made, this is the cost of the study and may vary depending on the place where the procedure is carried out.

If the application is made from Europe and Cuba the cost is €40.00 and if it is from Colombia and the rest of the world the cost will be US$52.00.

If you are an Ecuadorian national, the cost is €23.00 if you apply in Europe and Cuba and US$30.00 in the rest of the world. For Spanish nationals there is no cost for the study of the application.

Second, when the application is approved, a fee equivalent to the cost of issuing the visa must be paid.

If the visa is paid in Europe and Cuba the cost is €177.00 and if it is in Colombia and the rest of the world it is US$230.00.

For nationals of the Republic of Peru who settle in the Amazon and Putumayo river basins, Ecuadorians, Spaniards, Japanese and Koreans, the visa is free of charge.

Duration of the procedure

In order to know the duration of these processes, it ist is important to know its two momentsWhen the application is made and when the e-visa is issued.

Initially, the file and after payment is made, the visa authority has a term of up to 5 business days to process the application. working days to issue a concept. However, this time may be up to 30 calendar days.s when additional information is required.

Finally, after payment of the visa issuance, the authority has up to 3 working days to issue and send the e-visa.

What is the validity of the worker’s visa in Colombia?

The migrant visa or type M visa is valid for three years; however, however, when the term of the contract is less than this term, the visa will be valid for a shorter period.

In any case, the visa will be terminated early if the conditions for which it was granted for which it was granted are extinguished.

Does this visa allow me to work in all of Colombia?

Foreigners who are authorized the issuance of a worker’s visa in Colombia are granted permission to work exclusively in the exclusively in the position, entity or profession for which it was authorized.

If the term of the contract is longer than the three years granted by the visa, must it be renewed?

Colombia does not provide for the renewal of visas. For this reason, at these cases, a new application must be made. It is necessary to have that this procedure must be carried out prior to the expiration of the visa that has been issued to the applicant.iene.