72-hour permit in Colombia How does it work?

portada permiso de las 72 horas

In our blog, we have talked about the different mechanisms and permissions that a convicted person has in Colombia when facing a custodial sentence.

On this occasion we would like to talk about the 72-hour furlough, a way for prisoners to leave the penitentiary establishment and which helps them in their social reintegration process.

What is the 72-hour permit in Colombia?

As we well know, custodial sentencesThe aim is not to isolate the individual from society, on the contrary, the aim is to carry out a social reinsertion work.The purpose of the program is to educate the convicted person so that when he or she completes his or her sentence, he or she can become a good person again.

The 72-hour permit is a type of permit that is part of this work of social reintegration, which allows the convicted person to leave the prison for a period of up to 72 hours, without any type of surveillance.

This permit is regulated by the Penitentiary and Prison Code of Colombia in
Article 147

Requirements for accessing the 72-hour permit in Colombia

According to Article 147 of the Colombian Penitentiary and Prison Code, in order for this permit to be granted, the inmate must meet the following requirements:

  1. To be in the medium security phase.
  2. To have discounted one third of the sentence imposed.
  3. Not to be required by any judicial authority.
  4. Not to record any escape or attempt thereof, during the course of the proceedings or the execution of the conviction.
  5. Having discounted seventy percent (70%) of the sentence imposed, in the case of those convicted of crimes under the jurisdiction of the Specialized Circuit Criminal Judges.
  6. Have worked, studied or taught while in confinement and observed good conduct, certified by the Disciplinary Board.

Can the 72-hour leave entitlement be forfeited?
in Colombia?

Yes, this furlough may be suspended for up to 6 months if, during one of these furloughs, the inmate demonstrates misconduct or delays his or her return to the correctional facility.

On the other hand, this permit may be cancelled definitively if the inmate reoffends in the above acts, commits a crime or a special police contravention.

Who can apply for the 72-hour permit in Colombia?

Only the inmate, the inmate’s family, the inmate’s attorney or the Human Rights Consul can make the request and process it before the legal office of the penitentiary establishment.

You should keep in mind that the processing time is between 4 and 5 months due to all the information that must be collected to make the decision to grant the permit or not.

The deprivation of liberty is a work of social reinsertion for the inmate, and for those who have a good attitude and meet certain requirements can access this type of permission that helps them to serve their sentence.

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