About the Colombian visa application

portada solicitud de visa colombiana

When a Colombian visa application is filed, the visa authority may request, issue, deny, or refuse it.

What happens if my visa application is required?

An injunction is a request for information or documentation necessary for the continuation of the visa application process, either because it is incomplete or defective. This request is notified to the e-mail address registered in the request and may arrive in the spam folder.

Once submitted, the request automatically goes to ‘required’ status, giving you a set term, extendable upon request, to remedy the requirement. If this term is not complied with, the application will be understood as tacitly withdrawn and, consequently, it will be filed.

The term given to comply with the requirement may be extended only once, by means of a written request, through the following link
where the reasons why it is not possible to comply with the initial term must be stated.

Possible final decisions

In case of acceptance
In case of acceptance, the applicant will have a term of 30 days to pay the corresponding fee for the issuance of the visa, under penalty of tacit withdrawal.

In case of inadmissibility
the process is terminated, but the applicant will be able to make a new application without restrictions.

In case of refusalIn addition, the foreigner will not be able to register a new application until 6 months later. However, the Internal Work Group for Visas and Immigration or the Consular Offices of the Republic, with the authorization of the former, may receive a new application from the foreigner whose visa was denied and issue it before the end of the 6-month period.

In any case, this decision is discretionary and cannot be appealed.

The visa authority will not grant it to a foreigner who disrespects the institution, the Colombian State or its patriotic symbols or in any way violates or threatens the fundamental rights, dignity or personal integrity of officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Is it possible to withdraw the Colombian visa application?

It is possible at the express request of the person who would be its holder or, in such case, of the natural or legal person who requested the issuance of the visa for the foreigner. It does not require any type of formalities and even the visa application is tacitly withdrawn if:

  • The study fee is not paid within 15 days of registration of the application and completion of the electronic form.
  • The issuance fee is not paid within 30 days of visa authorization.
  • The request made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not complied with within the time period granted.

If I withdraw from the application, can I get a refund of the study fee? No. This payment is non-refundable according to article 74 of resolution 6045 of 2017.