Exit permits in Colombia

portada permisos de salida en colombia

Unmonitored release permits in Colombia are granted by the Regional Director of INPEC to prisoners who have been denied parole.

General requirements for exit permits in Colombia

  • Not be sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Not being convicted for punishable acts committed during the time of imprisonment.
  • The benefit has not been withdrawn for noncompliance with obligations.

Specific requirements for exit permits in Colombia

  • Having been denied parole
  • Certification of having observed good conduct in the detention center.
  • Being in the medium security phase
  • Have served at least four-fifths (4/5) of the sentence.
  • No arrest warrant in force
  • Not to record a flight or attempt thereof during the course of the proceedings or the execution of the sentence.
  • Have worked, studied or taught during the period of incarceration.
  • Not having incurred in any crime or special Police contravention during the time he/she was enjoying the benefit.
  • If he/she was a beneficiary of this permit in the 6 months prior to the application, not having observed bad conduct or having delayed his/her presentation to the prison without just cause.


  • Continuous departure:
    For up to 15 continuous days, not to exceed 60 per year.
  • Departure on weekends: Including holidays on Mondays. Maximum every two weeks


It can only be requested by the inmate, his relatives, legal representative or human rights consul.