SIRE: Information System for the Reporting of Foreign Nationals

portada sire

Resolution 2357 of 2020, in development of Article
of Decree number 1067 of 2015provides the SIRE system to report any type of relationship with foreigners that generates a benefit, making reporting mandatory for certain natural and legal persons.

Among the individuals and legal entities that are required to file a report with the SIRE are: hotels, boarding houses, hostels, residences, aparthotels and other establishments that provide lodging services, real estate, farms, apartments, houses or camps in any modality, educational institutions and establishments at all levels, religious centers, hospitals and emergency centers, cooperatives and volunteer associations, national transportation companies and artistic, cultural or sports shows.

In order to comply with the reporting obligation, these persons are authorized and obligated to require foreigners with whom they have an employment, cooperative or civil relationship that generates a benefit. with whom they have an employment, cooperative or civil relationship that generates a benefit, the presentation of a valid identification document (passport with visa, foreigner’s identity card, special permit to stay, safe-conduct or foreign document with authorization) and they are held responsible, under a migratory infraction, for including erroneous or erroneous information in the SIRE, refusing to provide the information requested by the migratory authority or linking themselves with a foreigner in an irregular situation in any capacity, imposing fines of up to 100 minimum wages, followed by fines of between 1 and 500 more.

This system results, therefore, in a direct attack against any form of migratory irregularity, transferring to individuals the responsibility for the persecution with threats of excessive economic sanctions and thus closing the doors to irregular migrants to any way of formalization or stability in Colombian territory.