Appeals against the denial of Spanish visas

denegación de la visa española

Even taking into account that the decision to grant or not the visa is optional, the denial of the Spanish visa must be sent to the applicant in writing, stating the reasons for the decision.

The most frequent reasons for denial of Spanish visa are:

  • Existence of judicial record in the country of origin
  • Lack of proof or lack of financial resources necessary for subsistence during the planned stay
  • Lack of justification of the purpose and conditions of the intended stay
  • In the case of a family reunification visa, not being in charge of the family member

Appeals against visa denial

If the Spanish visa is denied by the Consular Office, the applicant may file the following appeals:

  • Appeal: Before the same Consular Office, within one month after receiving the notification of denial. You have 30 days to resolve the appeal.
  • Contentious-administrative appeal: Before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, within two months from the date of receipt of the notification of rejection or rejection of the appeal for reconsideration.

If the decision stands, you will have to wait 6 months before submitting a new visa application, not only in Spain but in any of the countries of the “Schengen Area” since the refusal is registered in a database common to all these consulates.

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