Best Businesses to Invest in Colombia

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Great Advantages

According to Forbes magazine (2022), Colombia is a country with great advantages that make it an attractive place for investment.

These advantages are that it has a good international image as it complies with and honors its obligations, it has proven to be a stable and disciplined economy, unlike other countries in the region, and credit, household consumption and public spending have fostered growth.


Now, taking into account that the forecast for 2023 is for a slowdown in the economy and a drop in average growth, due to both internal and external factors of the world economy, CDTs, being a low-risk investment, can become a very good investment option, since the changes in the structure and rates and inflation have generated significant returns.

In addition, they are simple investments that can be requested at the same financial institution where financial services are available and that can be adapted to the needs of individuals, taking into account available resources and time, since they have short, medium and long terms.


On the other hand, due to the devaluation of the local currency, which according to the calculations of the Bank of the Republic was 20.8% last year, investment in dollars is an option because in the last 20 years this currency has registered an upward trend.

However, it is risky in that it is highly volatile, as it depends on government policies and the international context, so the risk profile for this type of investment is high (Forbes, 2023).

Real Estate

Real estate has positioned itself as one of the most attractive investment options, being the option that 33% of Colombians would choose over business and financial investment products (LR survey, Tyba) because, as stated by Jairo Uribe, CEO and founder of the solution center Planeación Financiera Colombia: “you can obtain profitability while building a patrimony”.

Digital Assets

Also, cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs which are digital assets are good options in that they can accommodate different needs due to the wide variety that exists.

As for cryptocurrencies, their fluctuation will always be unpredictable but their use stands out to make international transactions, protect against inflation and devaluation of stable cryptocurrencies (Bitso). Regarding NFTs, their value depends on the category to which they belong and allows crypto artists independence from gallery and intermediaries to reach buyers.

Physical Art

Similarly, physical art continues to be a particular asset that in the long term can have a significant appreciation in value to the extent that it is decided to buy works by emerging artists.

Finally, the subject of investments always involves certain risks, so it is advisable to make a detailed evaluation of the investment options before making a decision.

It is important to obtain detailed and up-to-date information on the best investment options taking into account objectives, risk tolerance and personal circumstances.