Confirmed! Changes in the acquisition of Portuguese nationality due to Sephardic origin

Cambios nacionalidad portuguesa por origen sefardí

The March 18, 2022was published in the official gazette of the Portuguese republic, the Decree-Law No. 26/2022In the new law, which amends the regulations of the Portuguese Nationality Law, one of the most noteworthy changes are those related to Portuguese nationality by Sephardic origin, which establishes that the state may grant Portuguese nationality to the descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled from Portugal in the 16th century.

Now it will not be enough to prove this Sephardic descent, but as has been planned, it will be necessary to prove ties with Portugal, which, according to Article 24, must be certified by “regular trips for life”, which demonstrate an effective and lasting connection with Portugal.

It will also be possible to prove this connection with Portugal by means of a document of ownership, “transmitted ‘mortis causa’, of real rights over real estate” in Portugal, and of “other personal rights to enjoy social participation in commercial companies” in Portuguese territory.

In addition to this, it will be a requirement not to have been convicted, with a sentence of imprisonment equal to or exceeding three years, for criminal conduct, according to Portuguese law, with these measures a drastic reduction in the number of candidates for Portuguese citizenship is foreseen. In this way, the authorities will also be able to better control the process.

But this is not a reason to panic, these changes will become effective September 1, 2022.The changes will not affect those that are already in the process of application, nor those that will be applied in the coming months until these regulatory changes come into effect.


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