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Legal advice in times of quarantine (COVID-19)

Like you, many people are wondering how to give continuity to the legal processes in the midst of this contingency that brings so many restrictions, although the National Government has issued a decree that regulates these actions, we understand that you still have doubts on the subject.

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Legal aspects of quarantine by Covid19

On March 23, 2020, the National Government issued Decree 457 of 2020, which establishes the parameters for compliance with the Mandatory Preventive Isolation in the country. This Decree is a measure to curb the Coronavirus pandemic and guarantee the right to life, health and survival of citizens.

This decree, in its article 3, gives the exceptions in which the right of movement of persons is allowed. These are some of the cases:

What happens if they do not abide by the rules?

Whoever violates the measures, will have a penalty of criminal type, between 4 to 8 years in prison, in addition, will pay the fines ordered by Decree 780 of 2016, issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.


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