Express Divorce in Colombia

portada divorcio expres en colombia

The divorce can be notarized as long as both parties reach an agreement, which is much simpler if the couple did not have children or acquired assets, only having to agree on wanting a divorce. When this happens, the process is greatly accelerated and we talk about express divorce in Colombia.

Requirements for an express divorce in Colombia

  • Civil registration of marriage.
  • Civil registry of birth of both spouses.
  • Power of attorney to the lawyer who will handle the proceedings.
  • Petition for divorce.
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the spouses.


The deadline is 10 days if you do not have children.


Notarial acts without amount, such as this one, are subject to the fees applicable to acts without amount, i.e., $44,000 pesos plus VAT and copies.

Do I need a lawyer for an express divorce in Colombia?

A lawyer is required to process a divorce through a notary public. If you require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to help you through this process, we at Servicio Legal are ready to assist you.

At which notary office can I do this procedure?

It can be done before any notary in the national territory, but it is recommended to do it in a nearby notary or the same one where the required documents are located for greater convenience.

Is it better than judicial divorce?

The agility of the process causes an overwhelming preference for notarial divorce, since a process that can take 10 days in a notary’s office, can take up to 18 months through the courts.